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how to better communicate with your spouse

how to better communicate with your spouse

Lasting relationships are founded not just on pure love, trust and fidelity, but better communication as well. As lifetime partners, you should learn how to understand each other. A better day-to-day communication level is important to your married life in order to outlast the trials along the way. Because of this challenge, you must strive harder to learn how to better communicate with your spouse. Even long spousal relationships can falter somewhere along the way when the degree or level of communication between spouses deteriorates. Before your relationship goes bitter, find time to closely talk with your spouse. It is crucial that you keep your personal and romantic vows unbroken. For more tips, read on below.

  1. Be honest with your spouse. This is the first and the foremost element that you have to observe all the time. The old adage which says “honesty is the best policy” still remains true today, especially in a spousal relationship. Express what you feel towards your spouse without being distorted.

    onesty must be a habit to both of you, and it must be applied every day.

  2. Freely express yourself. Other than being honest, be yourself. In conveying a message, do so in a subtle way. For sure, you wouldn’t want to hurt your spouse. Avoid raising your voice just to emphasize a point. Speak audibly and calmly.

  3. Lend your ears. When your spouse starts to talk, be a good listener. If you are not amenable to some of the points presented, just allow the talk to continue. It is not polite to interrupt while the talk is still in progress. In listening, your spouse can feel that his or her opinions or points are important to you.

  4. Observe eye contact. During serious conversations, your spouse is interested in the truth. If you establish eye contact while talking, that will add to your sincerity and concern. The presence or absence of eye contact is a good indicator whether someone is telling the truth or not.

  5. Ask for an explanation. If you have difficulty in understanding the points of your spouse, instead of saying negative things, just ask for further explanation. When you ask, be polite. Being rude won’t do anything good.

  6. Privately discuss personal matters. There are issues between spouses that should not be discussed in the open. They must be talked about privately. If there is an existing disagreement between the two of you, find time to talk about it. Choose a quiet place where both of you can think freely and accurately without any distraction.

  7. Compliment your spouse. This is best done every morning in order to lighten up the mood of your spouse. Tell your spouse that he or she is still the same person whom you admired years back. Reinvent every day and think of compliments that would make your spouse feel better and special. Should you be saying “I love you” every day? Fortunately, the answer is yes.

  8. Spend special time with your spouse. Find time to talk to your spouse exclusively, which means no kids, no relatives, and no friends around. Bringing your spouse on a vacation is a very good idea. That will reinforce the degree of communication you have for each other. Of course, during special occasions, you must have something surprising for your spouse.

Unconditionally love your spouse as you fulfill your vows together. This will help you sustain the challenges of time. The trials in your married life will not be difficult to address as long as you know how to better communicate with your spouse each and every day. Resolve every issue together with loving hearts and open minds.


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