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How to Bleach Hair with Ammonia

How to Bleach Hair with Ammonia

Want to achieve that shiny, platinum-tressed look? Bleaching is the way to go, most especially if you have naturally dark hair. If your strands are on the dark side, you'll need a strong solution in order to achieve that golden blonde look efficiently and quickly. This means that you'll have to know about how to bleach hair with ammonia, as this can lift your hair color by at least five shades. To start, here are the things that you need to do:

  1. Days prior to the bleaching session, it's wise to prepare your crowning glory for what's about to come so that you get the best effect without sacrificing follicular health. First, you should have your locks trimmed to eliminate split ends and usher in a more even result.

  2. Next, continually condition your hair for about a week before the actual bleaching so that your strands are better prepared to withstand the effects of ammonia. Drink plenty of water too, to hydrate from the inside.

  3. Try not to use hair products or heat-producing hairstyling appliances for at least two days before the bleaching so these won't interfere with the process.

    Also, use a clarifying shampoo about two to three times during the week of the bleaching so that there is less chemical buildup on your locks, which helps to make it a more suitable base.

  4. It's recommended that you do a strand and skin test first, days before the actual bleaching, so that you know how your hair will react to the chemicals and whether you are allergic to the ingredients of the products you will be using.

  5. See to it that the area where you'll be working is well-ventilated and lit and that the floor is sufficiently covered with newspapers or plastic sheets to avoid staining the surface. You should also protect your clothes and skin with gloves and a plastic salon apron. Using a disposable face mask is also recommended so that you avoid inhaling the chemical fumes.

  6. Pour ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide into a container. Then, add about 2 teaspoons of household ammonia. Mix these two well until it turns into a paste. If you're using a bleaching kit, simply follow the directions that came with the product.

  7. Sprinkle in pure soap flakes until the paste achieves a thick consistency. Then, apply this paste on dry hair by sections, starting from the tips and spreading it so that it’s close to the roots. Once you've covered all your hair with the bleach, let it sit for up to 20 minutes while covered in plastic wrap.

  8. See to it that you do not rub the mixture into your scalp as this will create a burning sensation. The objective is to apply it so that it doesn't touch your scalp. Should a stray dollop land on your skin, wipe it off with a towel.

  9. Rinse the bleach out with cool water, ensuring that nothing goes into your ears, nose, eyes, or mouth. Rinse until the hair runs clear. Shampoo and condition afterwards with products designed for bleached tresses. Towel dry and air dry. If you want a faster solution, use a blow dryer set to cool.

  10. You may repeat the application in order to achieve the desired lightness. If you need a third attempt, wait 24 hours before doing it again. If the result is uneven, focus on the bits that need to be lightened further when reapplying bleach.

Be warned that you'll need to strip any existing dye from your hair before you proceed with how to bleach hair with ammonia. You can use a dye-stripping product for that, although you'll need to let some time pass before moving on to the bleaching process, to give your locks time to recover.


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