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How to Block a Cell Phone Number

How to Block a Cell Phone Number

You need to know how to block a cell phone number if you put a premium on privacy. Cellphones can put you on the radar of telemarketers, annoying callers, and people who basically think that phone lines are for their convenience without considering you. So it is good to have the option of blocking a number to take back your privacy and control who gets to call you. There are two options for blocking numbers. You may want to block your own number so that it doesn’t show up on directories and searches, or you can block a specific number from being able to contact you on your phone. Blocking others from seeing or calling your number.

  1. Call up your phone service provider by dialing 611 to request a phone line block. This will prevent others from seeing your number when you call them. Essentially, this means that you have the capability of calling people, but they won’t be able to call back unless you give them your number. The customer service representative will ask you a few quick questions, and you’re done. To deactivate the block for a particular call, like when you’re calling family and want to be identified so they know it’s you, all you need to do is dial *82 before their number.

    will temporarily unblock your number so that it shows up for that particular call.

  2. If you want your number blocked for specific calls only and it’s not worth the effort of dialing *82 more times than you want to, you can opt for single number blocking. You only need to dial *67 before the number you’re calling so that your number doesn’t show up for that call, but you do need to do this every time you place a call.

  3. To block your number from telemarketers and commercial call services, join the National Do Not Call Registry. Telemarketers are prohibited from calling your number 31 days after you sign up. You can register to join and to submit complaints of any violation at https://www.donotcall.gov/.

Blocking a specific  phone number from calling you.
  1. Check your phone settings. Not all phones enable blocking of specific numbers, but some do. If this feature is available on your phone, then that’s all you will need to do. Also, check your phone’s User Manual and follow the instructions for blocking a specific number.

  2. If your cell phone does not have this feature, there’s a sneaky workaround that isn’t actually blocking but works in another way. Assign a silent ringtone to the number you want blocked. When this number calls, your phone will keep ringing but since you cannot hear it (provided your phone is not set to vibrate), you won’t even know a call came in, and the number will just show up on your missed calls log. As for text messages, you can simply delete without opening them.

  3. Some service providers offer a call blocking feature for a fee. You can sign up if there are specific numbers that you want blocked. The charge for this feature varies from company to company, so you need to talk with a customer service representative to know their terms and charges. As with the number blocking above, you can dial *82 before calling a phone number to unblock your phone number for just that call.

Be aware that these blocking methods do not work on toll-free and emergency numbers. Nevertheless, for most situations, the above tips on how to block a cell phone number will work.


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