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How to Boost Sexual Energy

How to Boost Sexual Energy

When love is new, everything is exciting, including making love. It's partly why that first few months of married bliss is called the “honeymoon stage”—everything is great, wonderful, and thrilling. However, over time and throughout the years, you may feel a little less energetic about getting intimate with your better half. Sometimes, it's just because work has consumed most of your energy, leaving you little left for a romp between the sheets with your honey. Whatever your situation, if you’re at a sexual low, you may want to learn how to boost sexual energy? Add spice to your relationship and keep the love alive with the help of these suggestions.

  1. Eat sex hormone-boosting food so you rev up your love engine with more ease. Cloves mixed in a chai tea latte or an exotic dish of your choice is a great idea. They can also be brewed in hot apple cider. The good news is that it can help eliminate bad breath and has been used to treat male sexual dysfunction for hundreds of years in India. You can also eat figs, watermelons, eggs, ginseng, saffron, lettuce, black raspberries, and ginger.

  2. Don't get fooled by the hype around chocolates and oysters as aphrodisiacs. That's because there has been no proven link between improved arousal and chocolate. Additionally, although the zinc in oysters can help increase sensitivity in the clitoris or create hormones, this and other types of shellfish are likely to be toxic, as they absorb toxins in the ocean, thereby canceling out the perks of its zinc content.

  3. You should also avoid processed baked products and other food loaded with sugar and saturated trans fats, as they are likely to raise blood sugar and mess up your blood circulation, which is crucial to supplying more oxygen to sexual organs so they function optimally. Moreover, dairy food, such as cheese cream and ice cream, can affect oxygen levels in your blood due to the lactic acid. Therefore, avoid this type of food, but stock up on lactose-free and calcium-rich options, like leafy greens and soymilk, as calcium is linked to sexual and cell health.

  4. Work out. Not only does this boost your confidence in your physique, it also helps you boost your energy levels so you're likely to have enough left over at the end of the day or week for some loving. Also, the fitter you are, the more likely you'll have more stamina to see your love making through. You also improve your blood circulation, which helps your equipment be more likely to rise when the occasion calls for it.

  5. Take time to recharge and relax. It's hard to summon that sexy energy when you're always exhausted from work and other stressors that life may throw your way. Catch up on sleep, engage in a hobby, take a vacation, or just spend time with your family so you help your body replenish itself. If you may notice, a number of couples conceive during vacations or chill-times. Take their lead and go on that much-needed holiday.

  6. Add some fun by getting a sex toy or engaging in a sexy role-playing activity as foreplay. These can nudge your libido toward gradual arousal until you get to the “point of no return.” Sometimes, all you really need is to stoke those embers so they become flames and, later, a raging fire.

  7. You can give massages or rub aromatherapy oils on each other. Certain scents, like myrrh, nutmeg, ylang ylang, ocotea, pine, black pepper, and ginger, can boost the male sex drive, while rose, Idaho balsam fir, geranium, ylang ylang, and clary sage can rev up a woman's sexual engine. You can also light up candles with those scents in your room to set the mood.

In addition to these tips on how to boost sexual energy, you should also set aside time to talk and bond with your partner. Connecting on an emotional level helps you be more motivated to make love.


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