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How to Braid Extensions into Short Hair

How to Braid Extensions into Short Hair

You don't have to wait months to a year for your bob or medium-length hair to grow beyond your shoulders; you can put in hair extensions to instantly get flowing locks that cascade past your shoulder blades. If you're thinking of learning how to braid extensions into short hairto add length to your crowning glory, these steps will help you get the process right.

  1. Prepare your hair by washing and conditioning it first. It's recommended that you start preparing at least a month beforehand. You should have healthy hair if you want braid extensions, as your tresses need to be able to take the stress of being pulled and weaved into the extensions. Protect your hair from the elements and nourish it from the inside out by eating right, taking vitamins, and loading up on protein-rich food.

  2. Use a clarifying shampoo to rid your strands of dirt buildup that may get caught up in the extensions themselves and negatively affect their grip on your locks. Also, deep condition or give your hair a strong protein treatment twice before the actual braiding.

    If you have an itchy scalp or other similar issues, get it treated first before going for extensions.

  3. Air dry your hair or, if you need to speed up this process, use a blow dryer that comes with a diffuser to prevent heat damage. Alternatively, apply a heat protectant to your tresses first.

  4. Prepare the hair extensions by washing and conditioning them as well. Doing this, especially with extensions made of human hair, makes the bundles soft and more manageable. Follow the care instructions that came with the set you have. If you're using synthetic ones, immerse them in hot water mixed with apple cider vinegar to strip off some of the acrylic coating.

  5. To speed up the drying process, pull the strands of your hair extensions apart carefully so that they're in small bundles.

  6. You need to attach the extensions from the bottom of your head, moving toward the crown. To start, part and divide the hair a few inches above your nape in one-inch squares with clips.

  7. On the unclipped parts, take a section of hair less than half an inch in width. Avoid making too large or too small bundles, as these may make the braided portions more obvious and the whole look less natural. Be sure to grab bundles of a consistent size. The extension hair size should match the natural hair you pinch off to make the braid.

  8. Wrap the hair extension around the area close to the roots of your natural hair so that your hair is in the middle of the artificial hair bundle. Braid using the three-stand technique, taking care to have the natural hair in the middle and equal parts of the extension positioned at the left and right side of your natural hair when you begin.

  9. Take the strands on the leftmost side and cross it over the center strands. Then take the rightmost strands and cross it over the center strands. The leftmost strands should now be at the rightmost side, while your natural hair is now on the leftmost side and the other artificial bundle, formerly at the rightmost, is now at the center. Tighten the weave a bit by pulling at the center and rightmost strands to the left.

  10. Repeat the process, taking the leftmost strands over the center strands and the rightmost strands over the center alternately. If you want braided extensions, you can continue braiding all the way to the end. If you simply want natural-looking locks, stop braiding at about a quarter or halfway down the length of your extensions or just before the end of your natural short hair.

  11. If you're not doing a full braid, secure the partial-length braid with a slipknot. Just take the artificial strands and make a loop with them around the braid and through the loop to tie them into place. Pull just enough to tighten the knot. Repeat two more times. You can also secure the braid with hair glue.

  12. Finally, repeat this procedure with the rest of your hair. There should be enough natural hair on the crown of your head to cover the braids and conceal them.

Furthermore, a key to knowing how to braid extensions into short hair is avoiding using oily hair products on the braided sections. You may comb through the loose strands to keep them looking neat while taking care not to tug at the parts with the extensions.


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