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How to Braid Hair with Extensions

How to Braid Hair with Extensions

Have you long wanted to have your hair braided but felt that it was too short? Cheer up! It can be done with hair extensions. Human-hair extensions look more natural than synthetic ones as they are softer, easier to handle, and blend well with one’s own hair. Learning how to braid hair with extensions will take longer than braiding one’s own hair, but it allows for versatility in styling. Here some easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Clip the hair above the underside portion for the time being. Separate the underside hair into small sections. Fold the extension, forming a hook with it, insert one of the sections of natural hair through the hook, and position it at the base of the section of natural hair. You now have 3 sections of hair: the natural hair, and the left and right extensions.

  2. Make the right extension longer than the left. The natural hair must be in the middle. Start weaving by bringing the natural hair to the left and the shorter hair extension to the center where the natural hair was.

    hen cross the longer extension to the center and move the shorter piece which is now in the middle, to the right. Continue weaving the braid to the end.

  3. Tie a string towards the end of the braid to secure it and begin with another section of natural hair, repeating the same process. Proceed to weaving the rest of the natural hair until completed.

  4. Check each completed braided section. Make sure that each braid is securely tied with string. Also make sure that it is tight enough to keep in place the natural hair and the hair extensions. Do not make it too tight as this can cause the breakage of your natural hair. In the worst case scenario, it can also cause hair loss.

  5. Once you have finished braiding the underside portion of your hair, remove the hair clip from the top portion of your hair. Comb through it. Follow the same procedure on this portion of hair until you are done.

  6. Wash your hair and allow it to dry naturally without brushing. You can now style your newly braided hair gently any way you want to. You can wear a headband or tie the braids together at the back. You can also add accents such as a hair clip decorated with a flower appropriate for the season. Alternatively, you can tuck your hair in to form a bun when the weather is hot. If you want to keep things simple, just let the braided hair hang freely.

  7. Use hairspray or a strong-hold gel on the hair extensions that seem to be slipping to keep them firmly in place. However, there is no need to put a lot of hair product on your braided hair. It’s definitely a wash-and-wear hairstyle and there is no need to worry about doing it again until the regrowth of hair is substantial.

Knowing how to braid hair with extensions will put an end to your styling dilemmas with short, kinky hair. The braiding process might be a bit tedious, but the end results are worth it. You can enjoy the long-hair effect instantly. At the same time, your natural hair can take a break from daily combing and brushing, giving it time to rest and to grow. The braids will flatter any outfit, including the most feminine of dresses. Unlike gluing, these braids will not harm your natural hair if done well.


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