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How to Braid Your Hair

How to Braid Your Hair

It was a sight to behold: the picture of Bo Derek at the beach with nothing but her braided hair! If anything, it was an indication that hair braiding was a “hot” fashion statement for women in the summer time. Hair accessories like colorful beads, pins, and ribbons make braided hair even more attractive, and highlighted hair can look fabulous when braided. If this triggers your interest, and you want to learn how to braid your hair, read on:

  1. Start with basic braiding. First, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb to remove the tangles. Make a ponytail and then tie it tightly at the nape of the neck so that it looks like a pigtail. Spray a little hairspray on it to make the baby hairs look neat, especially on the top part of the head.

  2. Divide the hair into 3 equal parts. Your right hand will hold two portions and your left hand the third.

  3. Position your right and left hands with the palms facing down while holding your sub-divided hair tightly.


  4. Begin braiding your hair by first switching the hair strand from the left hand over to the middle strand. At the same time, the right middle finger should grasp the left strand and pull it into the middle position. Then switch the right strand over to the left strand and into the middle position. The right index finger is now holding the left strand, the left pinkie the middle strand, and the left index finger the right strand. Switch the middle strand from under the left pinkie over to the right hair strand.

  5. Repeat the same switching process involving the 3 groups of hair strands until the hair is braided up to at least 2 inches away from the tip. Make sure to braid the hair tightly. This will secure the braid. As a finishing touch, you can attach a ponytail extension to make it look longer. Otherwise, ribbons and clips can fasten it well.

  6. Proceed to a more advanced braiding method by learning how to make the milk maid hair braid. Despite its elegant look, it is fun and easy to do. It is a classic hairstyle, one often worn by distinctive female characters in fairy tales and classical movies.

  7. Divide your hair into two parts. Run your fingers from the middle of the top part of your head down to your nape. That way, your hair will be evenly divided into two equal portions. Move the divided portions of your hair near your face. Braid the right portion first, starting at the ear level going down to the tip. When it’s done, tie it with an elastic string to fasten it. Do the same thing with the left portion of your hair. Loosen little strands from the front of your hair or your bangs and pull them down to create a somewhat messy look. This will make your hairstyle a bit rugged but cute.

Braiding may be difficult for first timers, but with constant practice, the hands get used to it. Hair braiding is an ancient art. In fact, it has been used as a social symbol by women to identify their status and the villages they belong to. In America, the tradition is passed on by grandmothers to their granddaughters and by mothers to their young daughters. You can help keep the tradition alive by learning how to braid your hair.


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