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how to break up with someone you love

how to break up with someone you love

Breaking up with the person you still have feelings for is really hard. Isn’t it ironical? While other people are trying so hard to win their exes back, here you are thinking how to break up with someone you love. There must be legitimate reasons why you have to leave your partner behind. Sometimes, staying together is more painful than giving it a one-shot break up. Remember, breaking up is just a mere part and parcel of falling in love. Before you can finally break up with someone you still love, there are important steps you have to follow.

  1. Search yourself. Ending a relationship is never easy. If you have been together for years, and all of a sudden you see the need to end your love affair, it is really a difficult process you must go through. It is even more difficult if you still love the other person. However, hanging on to a love affair that is no longer healthy or working won't do you any good.

  2. Identify the reasons why you have to end it.

    strong> In a relationship, love alone is not enough. You love your partner, and yet he or she is not exactly the one you want to be with for the rest of your life. He or she can love you best, but still you feel that something is missing. Once you are able to identify what you really want, that will help you decide to have a break up.

    There are so many possible reasons why you may have to end it. If you are no longer happy with the relationship, then it is time that you move on. If there is abuse going on, either physically or emotionally, make a stand to stop it. If you have found someone new, you must decide who you really want. If your partner is exhibiting undesirable behaviors like taking illegal drugs or has attempted to commit suicide, you may be tempted to find your way out.

  3. Decide. When you decide, there is no turning back. Making a decision to leave your partner is not easy, but by all means you have to stick to it. You don’t want to hurt yourself nor your partner over and over again.

  4. Be honest. Your partner will likely ask why you have to end the relationship. At this point, you need to be honest. Tell your partner the true cause and clearly define the reasons why you have to separate. Don’t be scared when your partner starts to cry. His or her anger must not affect your decision to leave.

  5. Observe distance. Other than limiting your communication, it is necessary that you keep your distance. Both of you need space in order to recover. Cutting off the line can be very tormenting at the start, but you have to start a new life as soon as you can. Rebuild yourself and learn to live your life. Sooner or later, you’ll get used to it.

  6. Give yourself a moment to heal. Feelings don’t fade away automatically after a relationship is over. If your feelings for the other person are somewhat intense and yet you let go of him or her, it can be harder to recover. Although your pains are not like dirt that can be easily washed off, they will fade away eventually.

Your belief system is very crucial in your recovery after a break up. It will determine how long should you be trapped with the pains of losing your partner. Depending on your belief, it may take days or years. By changing some of your beliefs about ending a relationship, the challenge of how to break up with someone you love shouldn’t be too difficult to do.


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