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How to Breed a Dog

How to Breed a Dog

One should be very responsible when learning how to breed a dog. It’s not enough to just allow your dog to mate and give birth to as many puppies at it can. Breeding dogs is never about quantity, but it’s the quality that counts – whether you’re doing it for business or for the love of it. You’ll go a long way with your venture or hobby if you keep these important things in mind when breeding dogs:

  1. It will be a big mistake breeding an unhealthy female dog. First, ensure that your dog’s breed is not the type that will likely have difficulties when giving birth. Check the build of the dog, especially the hip. If it is more narrow than usual, you may need to research more about your dog’s reproductive capabilities and check your bank account. Make sure you can afford to breed complicated breeds. Aside from that, the dog’s health must not be compromised – give it the necessary vitamins and minerals its body needs.

  2. When your female dog is about one year old, don’t be surprised when it goes into heat.

    happen again every six months if the dog doesn’t have the chance to mate. Keeping a record regarding its heating cycle is essential in determining the right time for the female dog to mate. It costs money to hire a quality mate for your female dog, so aside from keeping track of its fertility period, conduct a hormone test to make sure that the first encounter with the male dog will be successful.

  3. Once you’re convinced that your female dog is in perfect health and its body structure is conducive to pregnancy, find the right mate. If you want another pet for companionship, pick a mate with a friendly personality. If you need one for security, opt for the ferocious kind. The product can be an ideal guard dog for your house.

  4. Consider inbreeding dogs with similar genetic backgrounds, line breeding the same kind of dogs or outcrossing totally different breeds. Birth defects can occur among the offspring of two dogs that come from the same family, so check out the family records of your female dog’s possible mate when inbreeding or line breeding.

  5. Introduce the male dog to your female dog when your record says it’s the right time. Double check this by taking it to the vet for the hormonal test. Allow both to be with each other for around 12 days during your female dog’s fertility period.

  6. Take your female dog to a pregnancy test at the vet’s clinic after 22 to 30 days after they’ve been separated. You should be able to get the results after the vet’s physical check up with the female dog.

  7. The length of your dog’s pregnancy should not be more than 64 days. You have to start feeding it with puppy food after 21 days until the newly born puppies are weaned – after about six weeks from the date of birth. It will also require additional amounts of foods, but they must be taken in smaller portions throughout the day.

How to breed a dog will require your best judgment to come up with excellent puppies appropriate for the intended purpose. If you happen to get more puppies than anticipated, find them suitable owners who will nurture them just like you did.


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