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How to Breed Betta Fish

How to Breed Betta Fish

Add an exotic touch to your home by learning how to breed betta fish. Also known as the Siamese fighting fish, this flamboyantly-tailed fish is a beauty to behold. It can also be trained to do simple tricks while playing inside the aquarium. It’s also interesting to witness their breeding behaviors, but quite alarming when joined by other males. Know all this information before buying some betta fishes for breeding. Here are important factors you should not miss:

  1. Fill a 19-liter aquarium with around 15 centimeters of water. Get a plastic foam cup reduced to half. You can just cut it halfway. Secure it at one corner of the aquarium. This will serve as the breeding ground for the betta fishes, and the nest for the fry or baby fishes.

  2. Plant some vegetation around the aquarium. These will be very helpful for the female betta fish when seeking refuge when its male counterpart is being too aggressive.

  3. Prevent the water temperature from fluctuating.

    It should be maintained at 27.8 degrees centigrade. Use a heater if necessary to control this. Do not expose the aquarium directly to windows or any parts of the house susceptible to the outside temperature.

  4. Temporarily separate the male and female betta fishes. The male betta fish will be in a glass container with plants, whereas the female one will be in another similar container but smaller. There’s not need to place plants in the latter tank.

  5. Nourish both betta fishes with live organisms, such as mosquito larvae, because high-protein foods can enhance breeding. Never leave their water unchanged on a weekly basis. Change at least 25 percent of the water. Healthy betta fishes can reproduce better.

  6. Entice both sexes by allowing them see each other through the transparent containers. When you notice that the female already has a swelling stomach and bodily vertical stripes, it is ready for spawning.

  7. Reunite the female fish with the male betta and put them under close watch. Do not allow the male betta to do harm to its female partner by being too harsh while chasing it. This will stress out the female fish and might cause it to get sick. Wait two or three days and see if they are locked in an embrace underneath the nest when you return it. This is how they mate.

  8. Be observant when the female fish looks exhausted or is desperately hiding among the plants from the male. This is a sign that it has already released its eggs. Remove the female fish from the breeding container, but let the male one remain. It has to guard the fry to up to 36 hours. Its responsibilities will end after you see the fry swimming.

It may be interesting to watch a school of betta fishes in one aquarium, but it can be disastrous because these fighting fishes will not retreat from killing each other when you let the males share the same aquarium. You may be able to get away with mixing female betta fishes with your male betta, but make sure that you are there to take action when the male becomes aggressive when trying to mate with one of them. If you can handle these precautions on how to breed betta fish, you’ll definitely have a well-decorated home.


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