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How to Breed Chickens

How to Breed Chickens

Every farmer who wants to harvest his eggs straight from his backyard should know how to breed chickens. It may sound as easy, but there is actually a lot more work than just owning hens and letting them lay their eggs. Chickens are fun to raise and less expensive compared to other pets. They also produce the freshest, great-tasting eggs. Chickens that are bred from the back of your house are assured to be chemical and toxic-free. Breed your chickens successfully by following these steps:

  1. Buy a rooster. The first thing you need to have in your possession is a rooster, which is the male chicken. Be sure to get the same breed as the other chickens in your backyard. Also, get a rooster that is unblemished and in good condition. Leave the rooster undisturbed in the midst of the hens for a few days or even longer.

  2. Feed the hens well. Continue to look out for your hens and feed them regularly. After a few days, you may assume that some of them may have become fertile, so do not take out their eggs.

    Let the hens lay on them as part of the incubation process.

    You will recognize when a hen is ready to sit on her eggs when she does not leave her nest and puffs her feathers. The nest must be on level, flat ground so you do not harm the hatching eggs and they do not fall off

  3. The shed or building must be warm. To aid in the incubation process, keep the building at constant warm temperatures. Do not allow any form of drafts to enter into your hen’s shed.  Keep the nest clean at all times and provide adequate food for the hens.

  4. Separate neglected eggs. Incubation of hens on their eggs is a great help to ensure that eggs are properly hatched. However, this is not always the case as some eggs are naturally neglected by their mothers. This is when an incubator comes in handy. You need to separate the eggs that have become neglected and put them in incubators instead. You can also try transferring these eggs onto another broody hen, but do not be surprised if she neglects them.

  5. Count up to 21 days or so. This will be the mark on when to check if your eggs have hatched already. If it is for breeding purposes or if you are curious of the method, you may note down the days that have passed through a chart.

  6. On the 21st day, watch how your chicks are hatched. Be amazed at how well you have bred your chickens and witness how they are hatched. Feed them with starter food and provide them with a lot of water. Do not neglect your hens and provide them with food and water, as well.

Be very keen in keeping an eye on your hens as some of them tend to neglect their own chicks. Prepare another brood when this happens and immediately separate the chicks from their mother. Protect your chicks from other chickens, which may prey and peck on them. As a safety precaution, provide a larger space for chickens to roam around so that preying on chicks will become less of a problem. The process on how to breed chickens is a fun and enjoyable one. Do not get too engrossed that you forget to have fun while you are at it.


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