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How to Breed Chihuahuas

How to Breed Chihuahuas

Breeding two lovely dogs together is a great responsibility and requires a lot of knowledge. A responsible breeder prioritizes the health and quality of the soon–to-be product of two breeds. Therefore, if you are aspiring to be a breeder, you should go through the legal processes necessary to breed a high-quality generation of standard Chihuahuas. Take note of the following directives on how to breed Chihuahuas.

  1. Study the breeding process. Learn more about it by searching the Net or by talking to friends who already have experience in breeding. You may also get in touch with the American Kennel Club to get some information on good pedigrees.

  2. You should know the background or bloodline of both the male and female dogs before you proceed to breed them. Chihuahuas have different appearances and sizes unless you are breeding dogs from the same bloodline. It is vital thing to get the assurance that you are breeding the future generation of high quality Chihuahuas.

  3. Take your Chihuahua to a vet to confirm that it is ready to breed.

    Also ask the vet to do a complete medical check-up. Wait until your Chihuahua is two years of age before matching it with the male. Otherwise, you may mismatch breeds. Normally, a Chihuahua shows its first heat cycle during its 18th month - but get the vet’s opinion first. You’ll save a lot if you’ve raised both the female and male dog for breeding. Otherwise, if you are eyeing another high quality bloodline, go through the process of searching for a good-pedigree male.

  4. Be realistic about your finances. Breeding as a whole is costly. However, a determined breeder will always find ways to meet the requirements. Other breeders can testify that they do not consider breeding cost-effective. Selling the puppies does not replenish one’s financial resources. Breeding is only worth doing to satisfy one’s desire to own a new pet of excellent value. This is the true meaning of being passionate about canines.

  5. Start breeding the male and female dogs when they are both ready. The dogs will mate naturally when the female is on heat. The male pedigree’s owner will set the course for this process. The female and male dogs must be in the crate every two days until the female refuses to be with the male. You may record the dates of their mating in order to monitor the female for signs of pregnancy afterwards. Nurture the pregnant dog with nutritious foods and a balanced diet. Do not let your Chihuahua gain too much weight or it will have difficulty all through its pregnancy.

  6. Provide enough time for your Chihuahua to recover after the first breeding season. A female dog can breed at least two times a year, and demonstrates its heat cycle every six months. However, due to its small size, a Chihuahua usually needs to go through a Caesarian procedure when giving birth. Therefore, it is not advisable for it to get pregnant more than once per year. It is even better to get it spayed or neutered to be sure of its health.

  7. Provide an exclusive room for the puppies with all the things they need. Stock up supplies of puppy’s milk. There’s a tendency for the mother dog to fail to sustain enough milk for its litter. Get ready to feed the puppies every two hours. This is their normal feeding requirement.

One requires money, time and effort to learn how to breed Chihuahuas. Perhaps it is not a good business idea, but if excellent dogs really fascinate you, you’ll do what it takes to get them.


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