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How to Breed Cockatiels

How to Breed Cockatiels

Cockatiels are typically cheerful birds - that’s why they are favored by bird lovers as pets. This kind of bird can be found in many places in Australia that are usually called “Quarrions”.  However, the origin of the bird can be traced back to the United States, according to its own history. Breeding cockatiels is an interesting thing to do by most breeders. Beginners probably want to know more about how to breed cockatiels. Read through to know more:

  1. Consider the season for breeding cockatiels. The temperature in early autumn and in mid-spring is suitable to start breeding them.

  2. Select a healthy pair of male and female breeders to produce healthy young birds. The age of the breeder is also important- they must be twelve months old. It is better to use a new pair of birds to breed instead of your pets. The couple must be of different blood types. If the parents have the same blood type, it’s possible that their offspring will have some defects. Always take the advice of most veterinarians to limit the breeding to twice a year.

    will avoid compromising the female’s health.

  3. After picking your desired pair of breeders, let them bond together in the cage for several days. Give them sufficient time to get acquainted with each other. Wait and observe until they’re both familiar and have bonded with each other before putting the breeding box inside their cage.

  4. Arrange the nesting box to begin the breeding process.  The minimum size of a breeding box will measure 20 inches by 20 inches wide and 50 inches high. Make sure to leave space for the upcoming chicks. Place some shredded paper towels and pine shavings to resemble a nest. These are good nesting materials. Finally, put the breeding box inside the cage.

  5. Allow the pair to check out their nesting box. When they’re both comfortable with it, they will start mating inside the box and lay the first egg within ten days.  You will notice that they will wait until the third egg before they both sit on the eggs. That’s the reason why the eggs will be hatched at almost the same time. The male bird will be sitting on the eggs during the day while the hen will sit at night time. The incubation period for their eggs will be completed within twenty days.

  6. Make sure to provide them with a sufficient amount of food while nesting their eggs. Aside from the seeds they enjoy, give them enough ‘greens’ and cuttlefish as a source of calcium. These are the essential food supplements during the entire breeding process. Refreshing water to drink and bath in is also important.

  7. On their twentieth day of nesting the eggs, look for signs of development or hatching. Take one egg carefully and check if it is a fertilized egg. You can see marks of red veins slightly on the shell and a dark dot in the middle. These are indications that the eggs will begin hatching in the next two to three days. Those broken and unfertilized eggs must be removed from the box. Take away the shells from the nesting box after hatching.

  8. Healthy chicks are warm and yellowish in color. Let the parents take good care of them until they learn how to eat. Just provide them with sufficient food and water.

How to breed cockatiels requires some efforts in properly caring for them. Do not be disappointed if not all the chicks survive. It’s natural to lose some during the breeding process.


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