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How to Breed Convict Cichlids

How to Breed Convict Cichlids

How to breed convict Cichlids can be a very interesting topic, especially if you are new to taking care of aquarium fishes. This kind of aquarium fish can thrive in any kind of water and will be a great pet for a newbie like you. Convict cichlids, which originated in Central America, are hardy, strong-willed fishes that have white and black stripes. They are otherwise known as zebra cichlids.  It is not advisable to place them amongst other smaller sized aquarium fishes due to their aggressive nature. Often times, this aggressive temperament is overlooked due to the small size that convict cichlids come in. These aquarium fishes are some of the easiest fishes to breed. When you want more convict cichlids in your home, you may follow these breeding tips.

  1. Set up a suitable place. The aquarium where your convict cichlids are must be sufficient and big enough to let the fishes roam around and swim freely. As much as possible, keep only one male and one female convict cichlid in a single aquarium and follow their needs for oxygenation and filtration.

    A female convict cichlid has bright orange colors on its sides, while a male one doesn’t.

    Remember to put stones, caves, flowers and plants inside the aquarium. These will not only help beautify your aquarium and make it more attractive, it will also provide a mating or breeding ground for the fishes. Always keep the water inside the tank clean and free from decomposing matters that are produced by the fishes. Twenty to 25 percent of the water must be changed every three days as maintenance.

  2. Give them the space they need. Convicts do not need much time to court before they can find a spot in the aquarium where they can lodge until they mate. At a distance, you can watch them as they mate. In about one or two days, you will notice that eggs have already been laid and that the fish now perform their parental duty, which is to watch and protect them. After three to four days, you will already see that the eggs have hatched into tiny fry.

    It is possible for the mother and father convict cichlids to feed on their fry. However, you need not worry when this happens because they will only be able to do this until the fry is big and old enough to protect themselves from their parents. This occurrence is normal among fishes.

  3. Encourage them to breed and reproduce. In rare cases where your pair of convicts find it hard to reproduce, there are a few remedies that will encourage them to breed. The first thing that you need to do is to change 20 percent of the water that the aquarium contains. Then, slowly adjust the temperature level of the water by two notches higher through the heater. Finally, feed the convict cichlids a few more flakes and freeze dried blood worms. You may also add a few pieces of frozen brine shrimp to their meal each day.

  4. Feed their young. The kind of food that you feed the parent convicts must be the same food that you give the baby convicts, except that it needs to be in powdered form. This will help them eat faster so they can grow in no time.

It will always be a thrilling and delightful experience to learn how to breed convict cichlids. Later you can watch the offspring grow from eggs to fry to tiny baby fishes.


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