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How to Breed English Bulldogs

How to Breed English Bulldogs

If you like the look of a dog with lots of extra skin along its large jaw, discover how to breed English bulldogs. They may look fierce, but they are very gentle dogs. Their short legs and often tiny tails make them very attractive to children. Breeding them will not be cheap though, and it is also very important to learn about the nature of these dogs – to know what to expect. Read through these steps before taking up the challenges:

  1. Registered pure breed English bulldogs vary according to standards. They are rated according to their appearance, build, eyes, coat, bearing, personality and hind features. These details should be outlined in the dog’s certificate issued by the American Kennel Club or other dog registries. Familiarize yourself with this information to be able to get the right facilities for it.

  2. Check out the possible diseases that may affect your chosen breed of bulldog. Make sure that both your male and female bulldogs are free from the usual illnesses their peers may suffer.

    hey are more likely to be affected by skin problems, excessive shedding of hair, cleft palate irritations and respiratory issues to name a few. Be sensitive with the symptoms associated with these diseases during the selection process.

  3. Do not settle for less. Breed only bulldogs that are superior in quality according to their standard. Aside from exceptional health conditions, they must have captivating personalities and they must come from different genetic backgrounds. This is important because the offspring of genetically similar dogs are likely to have birth defects. Their personalities and features, although contrasting, should be able to complement each other.

  4. Be financially ready when breeding English bulldogs. Aside from that, you should be able to provide a favorable place for these dogs. You should be able to care for them on a daily basis and you must be able to afford frequent visits to the veterinarian. Never get into breeding bulldogs when you have to compromise your resources. Emergency situations can occur with these dogs and they can be costly.

  5. The body structure of an English bulldog is not conducive to giving birth normally. Most have to be under the knife in a Caesarian section. This means that more care is needed even after the dog gives birth to its puppies. Birth defects can still occur even if you chose bulldogs from different family lines. Just be open to it and follow the advice of the vet.

  6. Keep your bulldogs indoor. They thrive well in a balanced climate. Just ensure that they get their daily exercise by walking them when the weather is fine. You can just wipe them with a damped cloth to clean them up, especially the face, and occasionally bathe them only when they become filthy.

It’s not easy how to breed English bulldogs. This is why they live in the homes of the rich and famous. They may have only have about eight years to live, but when they find their right families, they can no doubt be a joy for them.


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