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How to Breed German Shepherds

How to Breed German Shepherds

Be safe and secure at home by knowing how to breed German Shepherds. These dogs are famous for the roles they portray as police, military, guards or canine units. They have a strong sense of smell, which enables them to sniff through packages with illegal imports and contrabands. In spite of these protective and instinctive characteristics, German Shepherds are extremely loyal and faithful creatures to their human friends. They will risk their lives to protect their human companions, if they have to. They are cheerful and obedient and have the eagerness to be trained. They have strong muscles and firm bodies, which they use as protection from other animals or humans. Here are some things you need to remember when breeding these dogs:

  1. Pair dogs that come from the same heredity. This match will successfully produce a good breed of German shepherd dogs. This breed of dogs comes from families of either a show dog or a working one. When the female dog is already in heat, start looking for a male partner who comes from a complimentary breed and mate them at a place that is ready to receive their puppies.

  2. A veterinary checkup is most important before mating. Your female German shepherd should undergo a series of checkups, exams and laboratory tests to determine how healthy she is to carry babies in her womb. This will ensure that the puppies she produces will also be in the best condition. Bones, hips, elbows and the entire body must be free from all sorts of disease before she is finally mated.

  3. Let your female German shepherd join contests and shows. A good way to test the abilities of your dog is by signing her up to join competitions and dog shows. The titles she will bring home from these competitions will be enough proof that she is worthy to become a mother of a good breed of German shepherds. This test will also help promote overpopulation for the breed.

  4. Be guided and seek help from experienced breeders. As a starter breeder, you do not have to go through the entire breeding process alone. Prepare all the necessary questions that you have and search for a German shepherd club in your area or on the Internet. Ask all of your questions about breeding and raising German shepherd dogs. These sources will be more than willing to share their experiences and expertise with you.

  5. Keep in touch with breeders who have stud dogs or those dogs that are used for breeding purposes. They may want to check on your female German shepherd to ensure that she is capable of producing the next breed of dogs that are top quality. Sign any and all legal contracts and agreements which both parties should agree on.

  6. Take care of your female dog. Regardless of where the mating takes place, you need to keep your female dog in good condition, especially after mating with the stud dog. This includes having regular checkups with the veterinarian to see if she did not incur any form of fractured bone throughout the mating and breeding period and that the mating was successfully done.

These dogs are one of the most excellent breeds of dogs, but learning how to breed German shepherds may be a longer process than you thought.


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