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How to Breed Goldfish

How to Breed Goldfish

Do not assume that you will end up with additional goldfishes in your aquarium when you have a male and female goldfish together in one setting. There are important preparations on how to breed goldfish successfully. The ideal breeding age for them is at least three years old. Once they are fertile, they spawn one time per month from April to August. Warmer weather is more conducive to this. Here are more facts for a better breeding process:

  1. Segregate your female goldfishes from the males and know their number. You can check them out during the breeding period only – when the abdomens of the females become swollen because they are ready to spawn. On the other hand, the males have a white star-like cover along their pectoral fins and gills when they are suitable for spawning.

  2. Put both male and female goldfishes back together again only after conditioning and changing the usual 1/4 part of water. Duplicate the natural breeding ground among plants by using boiled dark green acrylic yarn, a wine cork, A4 size hard book cover and scissors.

    Improvise a spawning mop by wrapping the yarns around the book cover. Cut the folded yarns in the middle after tying them up. Attach the cork to one of the loose strands to let the mop float when added to the breeding tank.

  3. Continue to improve the ambiance of the breeding tank for the mating fishes. The aquarium is not like the ocean where there’s a lot of well-oxygenated space. You can add a heater as this will drive them to reproduce. It will not be long before the females release pheromones to alert the males that it’s time to breed. Do not be surprised when one day you hear water splashing as the males chase the female goldfishes.

  4. Be ready to witness aggressiveness from the males when reintroduced to the females during the breeding season. They will definitely stir-up the water. The males will have to penetrate the stomachs of the females so that the hard roes or eggs will be released while they let go of their soft roes or milt. Not all 1,000 eggs from each female will be successfully fertilized into full-grown adults. Three times a day, feed the breeding goldfish. Never fail to keep the water fresh as always.

  5. Maintain the water temperature during the day time and at night time. The males can be overly aggressive, so if the chase continues for a week or so, give your females a rest by moving them into a separate container. This will ensure the overall health of the female goldfishes. Shedding too many scales and being stressed are disastrous for them. The strain can also be fatal because their immune systems will become too weak to fight diseases.

Maintain the right perspective when organizing how to breed gold fish. They are not like fishes in the deep sea that will just breed automatically. You need to encourage them by setting the right mood, providing nutritious foods and making sure that the water is always clean and free from fluctuations and other noises. Be very meticulous in checking the conditions of the breeding tank.


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