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How to Breed Jewel Cichlids

How to Breed Jewel Cichlids

Jewel cichlids have bright red or pink to brown colors with green spots near their heads and on their sides. These kinds of fishes are known to have very aggressive and dominant personalities, which are hindrances to mixing them with smaller and less hostile fishes. An aquarium with 40 gallons of water, a temperature ranging from 23 to 28 degree Celsius, and a pH level of 6.5 to 7.5 is a suitable place for the fishes to live. When these requirements have been met, you can begin learning how to breed Jewel Cichlids, which will be quite easy to do. Follow these steps:

  1. Their environment helps with breeding. The overall set up and look of your aquarium will also aid in the mating of jewel cichlids. The tank must be filled with decorative yet hardy plants, bottom rocks and caves. These things do not only serve as decorations to beautify the tank, they also form a mating area for the fishes.

    Give them space and time to mate. It is best that you purchase more female jewels cichlids than males and place them inside the tank.

    When the male fish has found a female fish for himself, he will stick to her all his life. It is during this time that the two fishes will start with their courtship stage, which will eventually lead to mating.

  2. You will notice that during the spawning season, the fishes will become more aggressive, and they will protect each other from other fishes or persons who may impose harm on them. When this happens, it is more advisable to place the pair in a separate tank.

  3. Allow them to find their spot. The jewel fishes are now ready to mate and reproduce. They may use some of the rocks below the bottom of the tank or under the roots of the plants or the cave that you have set up. Whichever place they may choose, just let them be while monitoring their progress.

  4. The breeding process continues. After a day or two of spawning, you will notice that the female fish has already laid at least 500 eggs on the rocks. It is now time for the male to do his job of fertilizing these eggs. After another two to three days, the eggs will hatch and become fry, which will continue to grow after a few more days. When the fry have become larger in size, you may slowly separate some of them from their parents to ensure their growth. You may begin feeding them with flakes and pellets. Once in a while, give them a few pieces of brine shrimp as a treat. Remember not to separate all of the fry from their parents as this may also cause disturbing, sometimes fatal, aggression.

  5. Feed the fishes properly. Jewel Cichlids are able to take in whatever kind of food you give them. Flakes and pellets are already sufficient for them. You may also add live food at least two to three times a week. The most important thing is to keep the water inside the tank clean at all times.

It will be quite an interesting and truly delightful experience to learn how to breed jewel cichlids and observe how they grow, mature and produce young of their own.


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