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How to Breed Parrots

How to Breed Parrots

You need not be a veterinarian to learn how to breed parrots.  All you need is patience and caring hands. Breeding parrots can be a rewarding hobby as the capacity to earn money is quite high.  It is not very hard to sell parrots as they make good pets and many adults and children like to have them at home. Here are some steps on how to breed parrots:

  1. You can just start with a pair of male and female parrots. But of course it is much better to have more than one pair. Choose a pair that appears to be fond of each other and separate them in a very comfortable cage. Make sure you maintain the cleanliness of their cage. Keep the temperature of their cage warm and comfortable. The flooring should be kept clean and dry as well.

  2. Feed your pair of parrots regularly to avoid stress. Ask your local veterinarian about the best vitamin supplements you can give to your parrots to maintain good health. Never overdose with medicines or vitamins.

  3. Be observant of the needs of your parrots.

    f the pair is playful and sometimes on top of each other, giving away a low noise - it means they are breeding. Make sure a nest box is placed inside their cage. When the time comes for the female parrot to lay eggs, it will do so in the nest box.  It is best to let nature take its toll until the eggs are hatched. A mother parrot has natural instincts to care for its young, so it is easier to let it do things on its own. Just be around in case it needs help. When the eggs are hatched, you can help feed the baby parrots to ensure that they are properly fed after a few weeks.

  4. Weaning the parrots is the next step. Force weaning should not be exercised as it will only make the birds feel insecure. Wait until they themselves walk away from your hand while feeding them using a syringe or a dropper.  Just make sure a bowl of seeds or pellets is available just in case they voluntarily try to eat from there. There is no point rushing this though, as it is expected to happen sooner or later.

  5. Teach the parrots to talk when they reach four to five months of age.  You will need a secluded room for this. Training parrots should be done away from their cage. The cozy and cheerful atmosphere of a secluded room adds motivation for them to learn fast. Choose simple words at first and repeat them several words at a time. When you see some progress, proceed by teaching them simple phrases.  Talking parrots are easier to sell for obvious reasons.

  6. Give your buyers some advice on how to care for the parrots that they purchased from you. This will ensure that your clients will not come back and return your birds because of some complaints.

Knowing how to breed parrots can be fun and rewarding. It entails some responsibilities and hard work, but the joy brought about by reproducing these kinds of birds is an achievement you can’t help but be proud of. It is also a money maker as parrots are easier to sell because of their unique ability to mimic words. These are pets you can really enjoy on a day to day basis.


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