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Ways to Breed Shih Tzu Dogs

Ways to Breed Shih Tzu Dogs

There are many pet lovers who are interested in breeding. Breeding is not only about owning a bunch of good looking dogs, but it is also about being responsible for their total well-being. It involves serious effort, time and money. You must be knowledgeable about dog breeding before deciding to pursue your dreams. Here’s some How to Breed Shih Tzu Dogs:

  1. Calculate the actual costs of breeding dogs. It is a fact that breeding dogs requires a substantial monetary investment. List all possible expenses during the process to see if you can afford it. Ask your friends who have had experience in dog breeding; they can give you an idea about the cost of healthcare, supplies and other needs. You may also search on the web or inquire from the breeders’ association.

  2. Visit the vet’s clinic to make sure your Shih Tzu is ready for pregnancy.  You must have sustainable savings to afford the vet’s fees in taking care of the female dog before, during and after pregnancy. The vet’s service is a must during the process.

    ll know when your female dog is ready to mate.  If your dog cannot give birth by normal procedures, you have to be ready for it to have a Caesarian operation – which is not cheap.

  3. Make sure that both male and female dogs are healthy. Don’t give much weight on their good looks. Trace their bloodlines to determine their genetic ability to produce healthy offspring and ensure that hereditary defects are not common. They should not belong to the same family.

  4. Choose a male dog that has a lovable personality to complement the positive features of the female dog. Stay away from ill-natured male dogs that are lazy, whiny and violent. Lovable puppies are mostly the products of lovable parents.

  5. Deal only with certified breeds when choosing your Shih Tzu’s mate. Illegal breeders will entice you with what you want to hear, even if it’s not true. Rely only on what is stated in legally issued documents. This will protect you from disappointments in the future when the puppies are born. Negotiate a good deal with the owner before you begin the breeding process.

  6. Bring your female dog to stay with the male breeder for more than a week when it starts to show signs of being in heat. If the female refuses to be with the male dog, do not push the issue. Find another male dog breeder.  The owner of the male dog must look after the dogs during the mating process – to readily supervise just in case the male dog shows unpredictable behavior.

  7. Make a record of the date of breeding to monitor the female’s due date. The male owner will give you a certificate of breeding. It is important for you to have the proof of breeding - this is for the registration of the upcoming puppies, which is significant if you plan to sell them.

  8. Anticipate the coming of the little additions to your family by being ready to rush the female dog to the clinic when it’s due.  Bottle feed the newly born puppies every two hours if the mother cannot breast feed them.

How to breed Shih Tzu dogs can be undeniably tough. Give yourself enough time to save up because money plays a big role in breeding Shih Tzus. Delay your plan a bit if you are still financially tight. Anyhow, the heating cycle of your dog occurs twice a year!


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