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How to Breed Yorkshire Terriers

How to Breed Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire terriers are small and cuddly.  They have soft and lovely hairs that enhance their looks. Many pet lovers are attracted to this beautiful pet, and others may desire to breed them.  Knowing how to breed Yorkshire terriers will make it possible for you to end up with a high quality breed of this kind of dog. Take a look at the following steps:

  1. Buy a certified Yorkshire terrier for breeding. It should be free from medical problems. This can be done by testing the dog before the purchase. You can request for a medical certificate from a prominent veterinarian from the dog seller. It will be depressing if you produce another Yorkshire terrier generation with some genetic defects or diseases.

  2. Find a healthy mate to breed with your Yorkshire terrier. Search for a high quality male breed to mate with your female Yorkshire. You may search online - there are many possible choices posted through online advertisements on various dog breeding sites. Look for other prestigious sources recommended by the American Kennel Club.

    his group endorses quality breeders who are association members. Get to know them and their breeds before choosing a male Yorkshire terrier for your dog.

  3. Consider the financial requirements for breeding delicate dogs. Breeding Yorkshire terriers can be expensive. Before you decide to go through this process, check your bank account and decide how much you can spare for this project without expecting the return of investment yet. The cost of the female breed and the male dog’s service fee are already substantial. This can still add up when caring for the puppies.

  4. Choose the best kind foods for your newly bred Yorkshire terriers. They are meticulous with the food that they eat, so nourish them with nutritious foods that are formulated particularly for them. The quality of your breeds will depend on the foods that they are taking in and how you care for them in general.

  5. Consider your dog’s age before you breed it. Yorkshire terriers must be two years of age before breeding. They are small dogs and breeding them too soon may cause some problems.

  6. Wait until the female dog demonstrates its heat cycle - this happens every six months. It means that the female is fertile and ready to breed. You can breed it two times a year as long as it is healthy. Take the male breed to the female’s crate or whatever the agreement is with the male breeder’s owner. Let them mate every other day until the female dog refuses to be with the male dog.

  7. Keep a dated record of their mating activities. Usually, once the female Yorkshire terrier gets pregnant, it will give birth after 63 days. If normal delivery is not possible - it should be its first and last pregnancy. Give the best care and supply it with proper nutrition for it to progress well during its pregnancy.

  8. Be committed in taking good care of the upcoming puppies. When the puppies finally come out, they need to be cared for delicately. Make sure you have enough time to look after them - or else your investment will be wasted. If you are thinking of selling the puppies, their market rate will be high because of the high expense of breeding them.

Maybe you can’t wait to see your new puppies, but don’t get overwhelmed on how to breed Yorkshire terriers. If you are in the position to spend time and care for the pups, there’s no reason why you should not go ahead and fulfill your aspirations in breeding your own Yorkshire terriers.


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