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How to Brush a Dog

How to Brush a Dog

Following the proper ways on how to brush a dog is the least you can do for your pet. As simple as it may seem, there are various benefits that will result from doing it properly. Aside from helping you develop an intimate relationship with your dog, it can also keep its beautiful coat intact by preventing excessive shedding – not to mention getting rid of the dirt. Make sure that you have the right equipment before following the procedure:

  1. Decide if you need a bristle brush with loosened bristles for thicker and longer hair or tightened bristles for the fine and shorter ones. When the hairs are wavy, you might need a wire pin brush followed by a slicker brush to untangle mats. Dogs with double coats will definitely be better off with an undercoat rake. A dog comb can give a feathery-like finish, whereas a flea comb can remove fleas as the name indicates.

  2. Choose a comfortable place where you can position the dog in such a way that you are fully in control without intimidating it. You can exercise your authority more with collared dogs.

    If your dog is scuffling, use a leash and pin your dog down using your knee so that you can use both hands for the brushing routine. One hand is holding the brush, and the other is stroking the dog to pacify it - telling the dog to stay calm and just enjoy the moment.

  3. Start the general brushing of your dog from head to tail, following uniformed strokes. Next, work on smaller sections and brush it from the opposite direction. Once all parts are already brushed in contrast to the direction of the hairs’ growth, brush them again to return them to their natural placements.

  4. Continue with brushing, but this time starting from the tail instead of the head, following the direction of the hair growth. You will find that the hairs feel a lot smoother this time and you can continue for as long as you please – and as long as your dog is also happy to permit you. This is not the kind of activity that most dogs love, but if you are gentle, kind and loving enough, it might look forward to this as its bonding time with you.

  5. Establish a regular routine for dog brushing based on its needs. Ideally, it can be daily brushing, but if it’s too difficult to incorporate this into your lifestyle and work schedule, just observe how long your dog can keep its hair tidy and set-up a schedule that you can stick with. Although the dog cannot initiate this process by itself, you can judge very well through its looks.

How to brush a dog is something that all dog owners should know. Feel free to revise your brushing procedures based on what you think is appropriate for your dog after trying the basic steps. The true measure that you’ve done the brushing correctly is when you and other people can appreciate your dog’s appearance.


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