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How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop

How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop

The size of your backyard is enough space for chickens to run around and play during the day; however, there is a need for you to learn how to build a backyard chicken coop for the safe-keeping of your chicken. A chicken coop is otherwise known as a hen house where nesting boxes are found. This is the place where hens can lay their eggs and secure their safety. The size and shape of the chicken coop must be enough to accommodate all your egg-laying hens. A few tips can guide you as you build a nesting home for your chickens right in your backyard.

  1. Complete all building materials and tools. Work on the backyard chicken coop with materials that are within your arms’ reach so building will be efficient and fast. You will need a few pieces of wood, preferably recycled, nails and screws, poultry staples that have been galvanized, hardware cloth, and corrugated metal for the roofing. Gather the tools you will need for the construction, such as hammer, saw, drill and shovel. Once you have all these in your possession, it is time to set out and start constructing the perfect home for your chickens.


  2. Construct the house and design it as you please. You can build the hen house in any way you want; however, you must take into consideration the number of chickens you have and their sizes. Create the coop with enough space so air can come in and out of it freely. It should also have roosting space to accommodate the rooster.

    Generally, a coop has to be spacious; however, hens prefer to have a tighter environment and nesting boxes to lay their eggs. Build nest boxes that are big enough to shelter the hens and their eggs. Also, the bed of nest boxes must be embedded with straw or wood shavings to serve as protection for the eggs.

  3. Consider climate and weather conditions in your area. Coops must be made according to the kind of climate your place has throughout the year. You must aim to protect the chickens from rain and cold weather, as well as from too much heat during the warmer days.  Supply extra heat like a lamp or light bulb during colder seasons, or ventilation when it is too warm to regulate the temperature inside the coop.

  4. Fence the coop. One thing you need to remember during construction is that your chickens need to be secured and fenced so that nothing is able to harm them.  Chickens are helpless prey to other animals, but you can protect them with secured roofing and fencing.

  5. Connect a chicken run. Chickens cannot just stay in one place the entire day. They need to have space to run around and play with their chicks. Prepare a yard where they can be free and move about without fearing for their dear lives. It is also good to fence the run off so larger animals like dogs are not able to come near them.

  6. Maintain a level of cleanliness at all times. Once or twice a week, schedule a time for cleaning the yard and coop so that unnecessary wastes are taken out and thrown into compose pits.

If you do not have enough skills to create your own chicken coop, ask for help from someone who can guide you as you learn how to build a chicken coop. It will be most rewarding when you are able to accomplish it yourself.


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