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how to build a bar in a basement

how to build a bar in a basement

If you have been thinking about having your own bar, try working on it right in your basement. There are different approaches you can follow when looking at how to build a bar in a basement, depending on the kind of style you would like to achieve and the materials you use. At the end of the day, what you’ll have is an entirely refreshing bar where you can relax, sip tasty wine, and sing a few songs with your friends. To successfully complete the job, all you need is a little woodworking knowledge and some of the basic tools commonly used by carpenters. Now that you are more than ready to add another beautiful element to your house, let’s get started with the following steps.

  1. Identify the kind of bar you would like to have. Before you can decide on this, you have to know your budget first because, necessarily, you have to spend a certain amount on materials. Next, do some thorough research on the internet and look at different basement bar styles. This will help you decide whether or not you would like to have faucet and sink in your bar, an electrical outlet for your blender, cabinets, and other structural amenities.


  2. Gather all the materials needed. If you have recyclable materials at home, make use of them. Basically, you will need the following: plywood sheeting, 2x4 framing boards, wood paneling, framing screws (preferably 2 ½ inches long), laminate sheet, masonry screws, wood adhesive, laminate adhesive materials, a hammer, a table saw, finishing nails, and your old tape measure. If you want to make your bar classier, you can also buy finishing paint.

  3. Clean your basement. You need to figure out how you will go about the structural design of your bar. To make a good estimate and accurate assessment, clear your space by taking out any cartons and all other items stored there. Make sure the surrounding area is not wet, to avoid electrocution when you start setting up the electrical equipment. If necessary, level the floor by skimming to fill in the uneven portions. If the uneven sections are larger, you’re better off preparing a new layer of cement.

  4. Prepare your framing boards and vertical frames. A good framing board can measure two feet wide and six feet long. A typical bar measures around forty-two inches high, hence your framing pieces should be at least thirty-seven inches to give enough space for your bar top and framing boards. Start bringing together the materials to form a box-like shape measuring six feet long, two feet wide, and forty inches high. The horizontal framing boards should be on top and under your vertical boards.

  5. Finish your bar material for installation. At this time, you will need to use good wood paneling. For the side portions it must measure two feet long, and for the front part it must measure six feet long. To accurately cut the wood paneling, use your table saw. When everything else is set, start installing it onto the bar using your finishing nails and, of course, your hammer. For the bar top, cut two sections of plywood sheet measuring thirty inches by seventy-six inches. With your framing screws, mount one section on top of the bar, and then spread adhesive material over it and place it in the other section.

  6. Proceed to install your bar material. When ready to install, you will need your masonry screws (or anchor screws) and power drill especially if you are to mount your material on a solid concrete floor. Should you like, your laminate glue may be applied on the bar top surface and the sheet of laminate plywood affixed.

  7. Your lighting equipment is important. What can make your space more interesting is the lighting aspect. Blaring lights or dull-looking lamp light will not be so inviting. In other words, your lighting should neither be too bright nor too dim. Check the Venue Supply Company on the internet for great lighting ideas.

  8. Enhance your bar. To further improve the atmosphere of your bar, besides your lighting material, consider installing arcade games, flat screen TV, or even a jukebox. It all depends on you what other decoration you wish to use to augment the look and comfort level of your bar.

The steps we have just identified, showing how to build a bar in a basement are fairly simple and not really hard to accomplish. As long as you are deeply motivated to finish the project, you can do so without any excuses. Think about having a specific place in your home where you can entertain relatives, friends, and guests – that is your bar in a basement.


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