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how to build a bunk bed with stairs

how to build a bunk bed with stairs

Bunk beds are the perfect solution to space issues. It can be quite a challenge, but learning how to build a bunk bed with stairs can save you a lot of money, and they are the safest kind. Here is what you need: Miter saw, hammer, drill, #10 finishing nails, bolts, carriage bolts, screws 4 4x4 inch posts, 6 ft. long 2 2x6 inch boards 2 2x6 inch boards, 7 ft. long 2 2x4 pine boards 6 20 inch 4x7 feet 2 1/2-inch plywood, 39x75 inches 2x6 inch plywood bits, 4 ft. long 2x4 inch plywood bits Now the steps:

  1. Decide on a size. Typical bunks use twin size mattresses, which are 6.5x3.5 feet. If you prefer a different size, simply take the measurements and adjust accordingly.

  2. To make the two bunks, measure the length and width of the mattress. Use a miter saw to cut 4 long pieces of wood and 4 shorter pieces of wood to match the length and width.

  3. Put the pieces together to make the frame and screw in place.

    To make it easier to disassemble, screw in 2x6 inch plywood at the end.

  4. Make the mattress support with plywood bits. Measure 3 inches from the bottom of the bed and 3 inches down from the top of the bed. Place the plywood support on these areas horizontally. Screw in place. Add support to the middle of the two supports. Lastly, add one vertically to the middle.

  5. ItÂ’s time to connect the two bunks with the bed frame. Using the posts, measure where you would want the lower and upper bunks. Lower bunks are usually at least a foot above the floor while the upper bunk is 4 feet above.

  6. Attach the posts to the four corners with a finishing nail. Check if everything is balanced and fits perfectly. When you are satisfied with the results, secure with carriage bolts.

  7. Measure the thick plywood to fit the frame of the bed bunks. Cut according to the size and place it in the bunk beds for additional mattress support. Using sand paper, smooth down sharp edges of the plywood.

  8. Measure and check everything, and if all is in place, secure the four posts that connect the two bunks using a bolt.

  9. With the extra wood left, build rails around the bunks. However, leave a space at the bottom of the upper bunk as the entry point from the stairway.

  10. The last part is building the staircase. To ensure that the staircase will lay flat together with the bed frame, the end of the rails should be cut at a 45 degree angle in opposite directions.

  11. Measure the height of the bunk bed and cut the boards accordingly. Attach the 6 steps using an interval of at least 1 foot in between the board that serves as the rail. Connect the staircase at the foot of the bunk beds. Secure with a bolt.

Learning how to build a bunk bed with stairs is no easy task. You have to make sure that you make a plan with specific measurements before even you start preparing the materials. These steps are guides on the basic way to do it, but you can incorporate your own ideas and make it even better.


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