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How to Build a Cat House

How to Build a Cat House

You know your cat better than anyone else so you have the advantage of building it its very own personalized cat house that it will really like. You do not have to be an expert builder to facilitate how to build a cat house. A little imagination, pet familiarity, and lots of effort will do just fine. You have the flexibility in choosing the materials, design, and the structure plus the procedure that you can handle. Here are some ideas:

  1. If you have a little bit of carpentry skills, you can build a wooden cat house or just use improvised materials like plastic containers to create one. Gather a 4 x 8 plywood sheet, at least a box of 5/8-inch wood screws, three 2 x 4 x 8 pieces of lumber, and old pieces of carpet. If you opt to improvise, just find used, square-shaped plastic containers. Take off the lids and secure the pieces of carpet inside with glue and allow them to dry before returning the lid.

  2. Cut the plywood sheet into eight 2-inch x 2-inch pieces to compose the cat house’s side panels, the roof, and the floor.

    Cut the 2 x 4 x 8 pieces of lumber into 4 equal parts making 12 pieces in total for the 3 pieces of lumber. Shape them according to the design you want and use the wood screws to fasten them in place. For the plastic version, just attach one more plastic container of the same shape and size to the first one to form a compartment, and create a passageway for both containers for the cat to pass through.

  3. You can even make two-leveled cat houses easily using the two plastic containers. Just place one on top of the other and create the appropriate passageway. For the wooden version, the pieces of lumber will make up the frame of the cat house as planned. The others parts, such as the panels, floor, and roof can then be screwed into the frame for uncompromised stability.

  4. For both the wooden and plastic cat houses, the entrance, exit, or other passageway must be sufficient enough for the size of your cat. A bit larger but not overly large is best for the front door. The cat must have the impression that it is perfect for its dwelling because it can go in and out comfortably when seeking refuge.

  5. Make use of the remaining carpet pieces by affixing them to the whole interior of both cat houses. This will keep the cat warm during cooler weather. Furnish the sleeping area with your cat’s favorite bedding. When the glue used to attach the carpets is dry, attach the roof for the wooden one or replace the cover of the plastic cat house to resemble a real dwelling.

  6. Use duct tape to stabilize the plastic cat house when totally assembled and furnished. Take the opportunity to adjust the attachments properly to be perfectly A-lined with each other. Since you are using wooden screws or nails to build the wooden cat house, taping it will not be necessary.

  7. Give your cat a reason to explore the cat house. You may place some treats inside in an area other than the sleeping corner. This will ensure that you won’t invite insects that can disturb its sleep. Clean it regularly so that the cat will always be fascinated with its freshness.

Learning how to build a cat house is the least you can do for your beloved pet. Cats will feel more like a part of the family when they have their own place in your home. A cat house will make you and your cat happy.


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