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how to build a computer desk

how to build a computer desk

There are available computer desks that you can buy in some computer shops in your hometown but if you can have it customized the better it will look, and it may even be cheaper than buying. How to build a computer desk can be a challenging proposition for some people, or even a bigger problem than they imagined before they set-out to design and build their computer desk. In the usual sense, people just buy computer desks because building or creating it may just be another problem. We should all accept the fact that not everyone of us has the knowledge and the skills to build a computer desk from scratch. More so, for those who don’t have the capability, but have the desire to learn, there is a way. If you really have the willingness and passion to learn, you can follow these few simple steps. I’m sure in due time, with few practices under your belt that you too can become an expert computer desk builder.

  1. Gather all the materials – In all activities that you do you need to gather the needed materials first before you begin working.

    ’s very vital that you have complete sets of working materials and tools for measuring the width, length and all other measurements such as the size of the computer desk. You cannot just do it without these complete materials. Otherwise, you will not be able to have a customized computer desk. Some of the materials you need are jigsaw, ruler, pencils for planning your design, sand paper, hammer, measuring tools; ply board or marine plywood, etc.

  2. Make a design of your desired computer desk. If you can design a unique design which has no duplicate that is even better. In designing your own customized computer desk you should be creative and innovative. If designing would be very difficult for you to accomplish, you can check out designs in furniture magazines as your guide. This way, you can choose from among the best designs if you want to.

  3. Cut the boards into its desired sizes. The width and height of the computer desk is different so that you need to cut the desired sizes of your computer desk. After you’ve done cutting them, you can start cleaning the portion where the cut is not equal or where there are some distortions.

  4. Start sanding the cut boards so that it will look shiny before you apply varnish or other chemicals that will help it look more polish and attractive.

  5. Implement your design by connecting the boards using a hammer and nails, screws, or bolts, or as you wish. Of course for those that do not have all the necessary tools they can use hammer and finishing nails. Just always remember that there are specialized nails for marine boards. If you use ordinary nails, you might only ruin your boards as it will crack. As I said there are specialized nails for this purpose. Some companies who manufacture computers and also make computer desks, use steel stands and body for most of their products, and for that reason, they used bolts and knots.

Okay, so now you have your own customized computer desk. I’m sure you will be proud of this because you have invested your time and effort in making it possible for your home or office computer. Actually, how to build a computer desk is not as hard because fear is only in the minds. I would bet that if you consider doing it as a challenge, I’m sure you can also design and build as many computer desks as you wished. All it takes is confidence, desire and several hours of work. Now, good luck to you, and I hope you will enjoy your new computer desk!


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