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How to Build a Fish Pond in Your Backyard

How to Build a Fish Pond in Your Backyard

Imagine a backyard with a garden full of blossoming fresh and colorful flowers with a fish pond teeming with equally colorful and vibrant fishes. This vision can become a reality only if you know how to build a fish pond in your backyard. You can also use that creativity as you plan to beautify your backyard with a garden and a fish pond. When you are in love with fishes and underwater creatures, you will want to build a safe and secure place for them, even if that will take up a small space in your backyard. Building a fish pond requires more than creativity, you need skills and knowledge to accomplish the task. This step-by-step guide to doing it yourself might be time consuming but very cost-efficient.

  1. Choose the best location in your backyard. The size of your backyard will eventually determine the size of your fish pond. Use your creativity in setting it up where it will be inviting and attractive. You can place the fish pond in the center or corner of the garden so long as it is near a water source. Your fish pond only requires adequate amounts of sunlight, however, do not set it under a tree or the shrubs.

    If you do, you will have to keep it from accumulating dropped foliage.

  2. Collect the materials needed. Visualize and create a layout of the pond you have in mind, then you can start collecting the materials you will need for the construction. No matter how small or large your proposed pond will be like, you will still need these construction materials. Here is a list of the materials you need to secure: a shovel, a garden hose, a trowel, pieces of wood, a pond liner and a spirit level, a liner underlay, a fountain pump to keep the water oxygenated and landscaping rocks for a more attractive look.

  3. Carry on with the construction of the pond. With the use of a garden hose and a marker, lay out the size and shape of the pond on the ground. Make sure that the size will not shrink down when you place the landscaping rocks towards the end of the construction. As you reach the desired shape and size, you can start digging a hole around it, but see to it that you do not break the walls of the foundation. Clear the ground of rocks while laying an uneven ground to accommodate different sea creatures of your choice. Spread your underlay over the dug ground while taking time to have them cover all areas and corners. You may use black duct tape to set it in place before filling the pond up with water up to about 2 inches from the top. When there is enough water, place bricks or stones above the underlay then slowly clean out the excess underlay on the sides so the pond comes out clean and attractive.

  4. Install the water pump for oxygenation. The fishes and plants you put in your fish pond will only live if there is enough air circulation. The water pump will become useful in this aspect. Position the cables of the pump where they will not become an eye sore. Finally, line the shape of your pond with decorative rocks, allowing them to overlap the bricks completely. After a day or two, you may add your plants into the pond. Then, giving it another day or two, you can place your fishes in it.

No matter how meticulous the job is on how to build a fish pond in your backyard, the fulfillment of doing it by yourself should become your motivation. Eventually, the beauty of your garden will become a source of happiness.


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