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How to Build a Homemade Compost Bin

How to Build a Homemade Compost Bin

A compost bin is a great way to recycle food and yard waste in order to enrich the soil and serve as natural fertilizers. Some of the things that you can put in a compost bin include leftover fruits, vegetables, leaves, nutshells, eggshells, coffee grounds, and shredded paper. A compost bin is also more convenient when compared to a compost pile or pit. Even though you can easily buy a compost bin from any home and garden store, the price tag may be too much considering that you’re just going to put your wastes in there. Fortunately, you can make your own basic compost bin right at home that is not nearly as expensive as the ones that are for sale on the market. Here are the steps on how to build a homemade compost bin:

  1. Prepare the following materials:

    A: 4 pieces of 4x4 lumber, with a length of 3 feet

    B: 8-16 pieces of 2x6 lumber, with a length of 3 feet

    C: Solid wood for cover, measuring 9 square feet

    D: 28 galvanized common nails, measuring 2¾ inches long

  2. Take note that the 4x4 lumber will be used as the four posts of the compost bin, while the 2x6 lumber will serve as its walls.

    he number of pieces of the 2x6 wood will depend on how wide you want to space the boards of the compost bin for aeration purposes.

  3. Working on a flat surface, place 2 4x4 wood pieces on the surface parallel to each other, 3 feet apart. Next, lay the 2x6 lumber perpendicularly across the other two wood pieces at the bottom, and make sure that the ends line up with the 4x4 lumber. Before you nail the 2x6 wood to the 4x4 pieces, make sure that you give 1-2 inches of allowance from the end of the 4x4 wood pieces. Use two nails to attach each end to each 4x4 wood piece.

  4. Continue nailing more 2x6 pieces across the 4x4 pieces, keeping the spacing between each piece consistent. Spacing is important for proper ventilation of the contents of the compost bin. The amount of space is up to you, but the standard spacing is just 1 to 2 inches apart. Anything larger might make it hard for your bin to keep its contents together, and it might also attract raccoons and other scavengers. Make sure that the spacing is even if you want your compost bin to look professionally crafted.

  5. After determining the spacing, continue nailing the 2x6 pieces until you reach the top of the posts. You will now have a quarter of your compost bin.

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 three times to create all 4 walls of the compost bin.

  7. To connect the walls to each other, use the allowance for each wall to make them fit each other, and then connect them with nails. There is a chance that your nails might hit each other, so make sure that you offset your other nails to keep them from colliding with one another. Repeat the whole thing until all the walls have been attached accordingly.

  8. Cover the compost bin with the 9-sq. ft. cover. To prevent the cover from being removed easily by animals like possums and raccoons, you can place heavy bricks on top of the cover. This will keep it secure.

After learning how to build a homemade compost bin, you may want to continue building more of them so that you can segregate your compost materials. For instance, one bin will hold the active compost material, while another bin will contain processed compost material. Once you are using your compost bin, do not forget to mix the scraps every now and then to help them break down faster.


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