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How to Build a Kennel for Dogs

How to Build a Kennel for Dogs

A dog kennel built outside the house but within the secured fences of your property is all you need to keep your dog comfortable. How to build a kennel for dogs is possible without the aid of experienced carpenters. In fact, you can do it yourself if you are willing to follow these tips:

  1. Be aware of what you can or can’t do if you live in a developed residential area. Building codes are different from zoning codes. Check out what else applies because laws vary based on location. Just follow the indicated specifications for the allowed kennel house on your private property. They are regulated to prevent future problems.

  2. Do not go beyond the allowed size for the kennel. Also do not place the kennel or the dog shelter near your neighbor’s dwelling. Dogs can be noisy and you do not want to disturb them in any way. Provide an open space for the dog in the field – where it can play and run freely.

  3. Never buy cheap and low quality materials for the kennel.

    ’s better to purchase safe and durable materials to prevent your dog from being intoxicated by the chemicals used in some cheap paints. Fences used in industrialized projects that are rust-proof are even preferred, but without the pointed designs or sharp edges. Go for pre-fabricated fences for easy but stable installation.

  4. Bury the fencing posts at least one-third of their height and secure with gravel before curing the surface with cement. Your fence must withstand your dog’s rough-housing. This will also discourage wild animals from entering into the dog’s territory.

  5. Construct a doghouse that is tough enough to weather the snow, heavy rainfall and other extreme conditions. This will assure that your dog can take refuge there when it’s needed the most. Aside from the open space, it is also ideal to have a shaded portion just for the dog to rest under when the sun is up.

  6. Choose the highest ground level for the location of your dog’s kennel. If this is nowhere in sight, you have to reclaim the intended area by adding some sand and gravel to the portion. An effective draining system is also important to avoid flooding within the kennel’s area.

  7. Provide a protected power outlet to the dog kennel. Aside from the lights needed at night, a heating device will be needed, especially during the winter season. This is on top of the dog bed, bedding and other doggie equipment. A play area in the shaded part can also be set-up so the doghouse isn’t cluttered with toys.

Methods for cleaning must be considered on how to build a kennel for dogs. It will be difficult maintaining a kennel for dogs that is too complicated to clean. No matter how basic or luxurious the dog kennel is, making it hygienic at all times is still the most important thing – to avoid diseases and pollution. A dog can never be healthy if it is filthy. There’s also no point in grooming your dog when it has to go back to its dirty place. A neat and tidy kennel for dogs is surely an attraction in your household.


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