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How to Build a Large Dog House

How to Build a Large Dog House

A large dog house is necessary, especially if the pet dog is huge or if you have more than one dog. If you want to know how to build a large dog house, read on and learn so you can build one yourself.  Having a pet dog means spending money, a portion of that cash should be used for your pet’s living space outside of your house. Savings on the labor cost can be utilized to beautify it. Here are steps to follow:

  1. Measure the size of your dog or dogs.  If your dog is already grown up and has reached its adult size, all you need to add is an allowance of at least 6 to 10 inches in addition to its height and width.  If your dog is still growing, anticipate its adult size and add the same allowance for moving around.  It is fine to make it bigger, but not smaller. Your dog will have a hard time moving around if you make the house too small.

  2. Make a drawing of your prospective dog house. Put in the obtained measurements as they will be your guide in building it.  For beautification purposes, decide on what color you want to paint it.

    rally, if your dog is male, blue or stronger shades are preferred. Use pastel or feminine colors if it is a female.  If it is a mix, then the more neutral colors apply.  Nobody will force you to paint it a certain way, so you can exercise your artistry on the finishing. Make the door big enough for your dog to go in and out.

  3. Design your dog house to be movable.  On the floor framing, elevate it a few inches above the ground.  This is to avoid seepage in case it rains. Make the base flat on the ground. In case you want it on an unleveled area, you can just reinforce it with cut wood or tiles. Make the post on the four corners sturdy.  If you design an igloo-like dog house, make sure its foundation is strong. The roofing can be made of any available material, like galvanized iron or long span roofing and tiles.

  4. Make the frame of your doghouse very stable, and make it out of wood. Using the measurements you have, nail it into its desired shape. Make sure the nails are not protruding – especially the sharp ends as they might hurt your dog. The flooring should be uniformly compacted. Add in some supportive features to make it stronger, especially if you have a huge and heavy dog. Install plywood sheets for the walls and cut them according your desired measurements and shape. Put Styrofoam insulation on the installed walls. This is to keep your dog warm, especially during rainy and cold weather.

  5. Install the roof as soon as the frame, floor, walls and insulation are done.  Make it secure so no unfortunate incidents can occur as your dog moves around.  Now it’s time for the finishing touches; paint the outside of your dog house with your desired shade.

A doghouse is your dog’s home outside of your house.  Of course, your pet should stay indoors during extreme weather, but it’s good for it to have its own place.  Train it to use its own house for sleeping and napping. Making it yourself is a good way to exercise your talent in carpentry and art. Learn how to build a large dog house through hands-on experience.


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