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how to build a pool deck

how to build a pool deck

High-above ground swimming pools are considered an innovation to swimming pool engineering. However, one drawback of this design is that the only access to the pool is through a ladder. Thus, the owner cannot easily enjoy sunbathing, a meal beside the pool, or any other activity that can be possibly done upon getting out of the pool. To remedy this engineering design deficiency, pool decks are made. How to build a pool deck is not really difficult; just go through the following steps.

  1. Make a plan. In every area, there is a local building code that must be followed by the homeowners, contractors, and carpenters. Check the local building code first so you will know the requirements in making pool decks. In making a plan, there are two important considerations to look into: first is safety, and second is the stability of the pool deck.

  2. Take measurements. The most important measurement to be taken in setting up a pool deck is the height of your swimming pool.

    Once the height is identified, the width of your pool deck will now depend on your preference. Some people prefer a wide deck to afford spacious accommodation. Take measurements also for the spacing of your posts. The posts must be properly spaced, so you can create a solid foundation for the pool deck.

  3. Choose a foundation.  There are two options to choose from in building your pool deck foundation. One is the traditional way of digging ground holes and pouring concrete for the posts of the pool deck. The other one is to use concrete pier blocks and make a floating pool deck foundation. As mentioned earlier, check the local building code to determine whether it will allow the use of concrete pier blocks in making pool deck foundations.

  4. Prepare the major materials. Your materials must be made of pressure and treated lumber that can withstand rot, wood decay, and all types of weather conditions. You need to secure a 4x4 size of lumber, pier concrete blocks if you opt for a floating foundation, railings, and boards for the deck. Cut your materials according to their specific dimensions as provided in your plan.

  5. Level the foundations. The foundations of your pool deck must be properly leveled. This is very important in order to promote balance and strength to the overall structure of the deck.

  6. Attach the posts. Using a nut driver, attach the posts to the frame using lag bolts. See to it that the cut surface of each 4x4 is properly flush with the deck lumber. Do this step in every 4 ft. length of your deck to add stability. To position the footing foundations, set up the foundations to where your 4x4 posts are located in the frame. Make sure that the footings are properly leveled.

  7. Roll the frame. Set the frame into an upright position. Then, lift the frame towards that concrete support. In doing this step, you need two or more persons to help you out. Finally, level the frame and place diagonally the 2x4 boards between each 4x4 post using lag bolts.

  8. Place the stringers. Before placing the stingers, level the ground where the same will sit. Using lag bolts, attach the stringers to the deck frame. Using deck screws, attach the stringers to the decking boards on each tread.

  9. Secure the boards. Use a deck screw to attach the boards on the deck. Then, cut the boards to their proper length using a circular saw. Once this step is done, the construction is also finished.

With these tips on how to build a pool deck, you can now make one. In building a pool deck, make sure that you have a wide space for off-the-pool activities. Aside from the space, the foundation of your pool deck must be strong. The materials must be made of strong and treated wood to withstand rot and other wood decay.


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