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how to build a roof over a deck

how to build a roof over a deck

Having a deck in your home or yard is a welcome living space for friends and family to enjoy the outdoors anytime of the day.  You can have a party or maybe just a lovely conversation over coffee, but the weather is not always predictable.  Preparations may have been made, but plans can be spoiled because of rain or snow. It is then recommended to put a roof on this area.  Here’s how to build a roof over a deck so bad weather can no longer ruin your outdoor enjoyment:

  1. To build a simple yet effective roof for your existing deck, make the frame of the roof.  Using 2x4 inch lumber, frame up a box with the size of the outer dimensions of your deck.  Run joists connecting the front of your roof with the rear every 2 feet along the length of your roof.  Be careful when cutting wood.  Keep hands clear of the saw blade to prevent cuts and accidental injuries that might occur as the blades might slip or bounce on the wood being cut.

  2. Attach the frame you made to the four corner posts with lag bolts and secure it.

    l plywood on top of the frame.  This is where you will be nailing your tin. You have the option to make your roof permanent or detachable.  The advantage of a detachable one is that it does not add to the existing taxable area, thus giving you yearly savings.

  3. Extend your corner post with 4x4 lumbers.  This is where you tie your existing deck posts into the roof.  The front of the roof should be the height of the house roof with the rear sloping by 6 inches over  2 feet. The purpose for this is proper drainage, so the rain and snow will slide down and not settle on the roof. Always try to match the house roof pitch angle and overhang for your shed roof.  Flat roofs are more prone to leaks than pitched roof.

  4. On the plywood sub proofing, install the tar paper and then lay the tin roofing down.  Using metal flashing, tie the tin roof to your existing roof.  This will serve as a waterproofing seal for the junction of the house roof and the deck roof, so you will have a long lasting roof surface. Now the simple roof for your deck is completed.

  5. You can varnish all the wood used on your deck roof so it can last for many years without degrading - though this is just an option.

Now that your deck has a roof, you can enjoy it anytime without fear that your preparations will all be wasted.  This will also protect the furniture on your deck from wear and tear due to exposure to direct heat and rain. It is relatively easy how to build a roof over a deck, so hiring a contractor is not really necessary.  The procedure above is just a simple roof for a deck; the main consideration should be whether it can withstand heavy rain or snow and strong winds too. But should you opt for a heavy duty roof for your deck, a truss system is recommended.  Here, the ceiling is flat and it will enable you to install lighting and ceiling fans. The option is yours to consider.


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