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how to build an elevated deck

how to build an elevated deck

A raised or elevated deck is a perfect place for rest, comfort, and recreation. Summer, just when the weather is hot, is the perfect time to build a raised deck under the shade of a tree and enjoy some fresh air. It is also a good venue for receiving guests and friends while enjoying the good ambiance of the surroundings. If you want to learn how to build an elevated deck, the following steps will serve as your guide.

  1. Know the building code requirements. In setting up structures, the local building code of your community must be followed. There are certain types of structures that are closely monitored by law as to how they should be built to avert engineering catastrophe. When it comes to making raised decks, the local building code in most areas are strict on how the foundations are built. You have to see to it that your raised deck structure is compliant with the law.

  2. Select a location. The location of your raised deck will depend on the kind of benefits that you want from the structure.

    Some people like it under or closer to the shade of trees, which is perfect for recreation and comfort. Others want to build it in direct sunlight where they can have their sunbathing activity during the summer. Your preferred location must be based on the purpose or purposes that you want the deck to serve.

  3. Make a plan. Consider the size, height, and foundation of your deck. Decide whether or not your raised deck would have a stairway or just plainly connect to the patio of your house. The railings of your deck must also be considered, as well as the boards that will be used. Part of your plan is to prepare a list of materials to be bought so you can save time in securing the materials.

  4. Establish the posts. The main post of your elevated deck must be solidly built on top of the ground. You can use concrete pier barriers for the footing of your foundations. However, you should check first whether concrete barriers are allowed in the building code of your local community. You can also dig holes and pour concrete to achieve a strong foundation for the post. The post must be long enough so that the railings on top of the deck can be attached to them.

  5. Connect the floor joists and bridging supports. The floor joist is where the board flooring will be placed. The bridging in between floor joists is for the stability of the skeletal flooring structure. In connecting the floor joists to the main post, use 90-degree joist hangers. Make sure that the joists are placed inside the post to give further stability on the deck structure. See to it that the floor joists are attached evenly and properly spaced.

  6. Place the flooring boards. Once the floor joists are properly connected, the flooring boards can now be installed. You can use nails or screws, depending on your preference. Cut any excess of the installed floor boards using a saw. Cut straight all the excess boards using a snap chalk line as a guide.

  7. Place the railings. Each of the extended posts of your deck is where the railings are to be connected. The railings may be made from wood or steel depending on your choice. The railings must be sturdy and connected firmly on the post for safety reasons.

Guided by the steps on how to build an elevated deck, you can now design and make your own. Other than your concern on how to make a raised deck, consider also the quality of the materials to be used. Keep in mind that the whole structure of your raised deck must be strong enough to withstand pressure and load. The wood material must be treated and must survive exposure to different weather conditions. Once all these considerations are taken into full account, you can have the best raised deck in your community.


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