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How to Build Chicken Coop

How to Build Chicken Coop

Whether you have a few chickens or a large chicken farm, how to build chicken coop is essential. This will not only keep the chickens organized but also make it easier for you to manage their daily routine. You can build a very simple chicken coop or a more complicated one with more functionality. The most common ones have at least the covered part with a roof on the first half, and the other half is more exposed to the outside environment – especially the greenery and the weather. Here are more helpful details:

  1. The first thing to consider is if the location is high enough to be safe from excessive flooding and snowing. If you have no choice on your existing property, consider seriously adding some soil and gravel to elevate hollow grounds.

  2. Make your coop functional based on the type of chickens you’re raising. If you have egg layers, build a coop with cages for egg-layers inside. Otherwise, it’s much simpler for the broilers. A triangular coop will do with a covered room and outdoor patio-like structure.


  3. The coop for egg-layers must be large enough for you to enter. You need to collect the eggs and clean the cages on a daily basis. Windows should be facing where the air is more likely to come from. It is important to have good ventilation in the coop to avoid internal pollution. Make sure that the sunlight reaches the coop to provide warmth and to disinfect germs naturally.

  4. If you have an old shelter house, you can easily convert this into a chicken coop. All you have to do is to build the interior parts necessary for the type of chickens you have. Search for spare lumber and plywood if you think you have some in stock. Do not forget to purchase chicken wire and other fencing materials as well.

  5. Equip your coop with built-in feeders and waterers, especially along the cages. Provide straw for insulation so that they can rest comfortably in their quarters during the cold season. In the basic triangular coop, add nest boxes so that a laying chicken can take refuge anytime it’s due. Perches in the bigger coop will also serve as resting places for some chickens. Make them at least 4 feet high.

  6. Consult an expert carpenter or an architect for the right slope on the roof. This slope must direct rain fall away from the entrance. Cover any openings, such as the windows, with chicken wire so that other animals can’t come in. Install a sliding door and windows made of glass as alternative cover when you want it totally sealed from extreme weather conditions.

  7. Install a secured fence around your chicken coop. No less than 4 feet high is ideal. The corner poles must be buried at least 2 feet below the ground for the chicken wires. This will stop predators from digging under the fence. You can also cover the area with a net to discourage owls and hawks. Plant more tall grasses inside the fenced area to provide shade for the chickens.

  8. The feeders and waterers outside the chicken coop or the shed must be elevated a little higher from the ground to avoid contamination by the dirt.

If you are not interested on how to build chicken coop, hire a carpenter to do it. As long as you know what you want, it will be easier for the carpenter to follow your plan.


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