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how to build deck stairs with a landing

how to build deck stairs with a landing

Learning the steps on how to build deck stairs with a landing is just as easy as planning to make full length stairs. It is true that building deck stairs can be a little tricky; however, if you know how to estimate the required step dimensions, the job can actually be finished on time. Just make sure you don’t incur any mistakes in your calculations and layout, so you can avoid wasting lots of wood or build an unsafe set of stairs. The design of the stairs and landing for your deck should be in accordance with the requirements imposed by your local building code. The design you prefer largely depends on the deck's purpose, where it is located, and the persons using it. If there is no available space for continuous stairs for your deck or the deck itself is too high, you will likely need to provide a landing pad. Just plan your action carefully, so you can accomplish the job within a day. Whether you are building stairs for a new deck or replacing a set of old and rickety stairs, here are the do-it-yourself steps you need to follow.

  1. Make a design.

    It is essential that you make a design for your deck stairs and landing. Get the height measurement down from the ground and going upward to the top landing zone; divide the resulting figure by eight, the typical height for a step, so you can get the required number of stairs. For better results, it is suggested that you draw your plan on a sheet of paper, so you can have a clear visual diagram to refer to as you continue with your project.

  2. Choose where to put the landing. After you have obtained the necessary measurements, you can now figure out where to situate the landing zone. A number of homeowners find it useful and appropriate to put the landing zone right at the middle part of the stairs. Estimate the middle from the dimensions you gathered above. What will determine the landing zone's location is the height of the tread.

  3. Build the landing zone. A 3x3 ft. size for a landing zone is already enough. Most homeowners, carpenters, and home builders use this standard landing size. In case you desire the stinger for the succeeding stairs down to the ground, consider adding at least 10 to 12 inches to the dimensions of the landing zone. Actually, the landing zone can be bigger if you want.

  4. Frame the landing zone. The framing should be based on the landing size that you have identified. For the joists, you can use 2x4 inch boards to frame the landing zone. Then, use plywood or any sub-flooring wood to floor it over. Remember, you can hardly put down your floor covering if the landing zone is not level. Thus, to ensure that everything is in place, make use of your level and square.

  5. The finishing touch. When the landing zone and wood flooring are perfectly in place, you are now ready to finish the stairs and landing zone with a carpet or laminate, or whichever is best for you.

Now that you know how to build deck stairs with a landing, the most crucial point to remember is to strictly adhere to the required layout, measurements, and cutting rules. This project can look challenging and demanding, but once you give it a try, you will see that the whole process is completely doable. As long as you are properly armed and you know what to do, you can get the job done just right.


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