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how to build muscle faster

how to build muscle faster

Having great physical attributes can also be credited to the genetic structure of your body. Hence, it is somewhat inherited. Today, you can bulk up your body weight faster with proper exercise, balanced diet, and additional food supplements that are necessary to sustain your body’s energy demands. In fact, there are so many materials available today that could help, and most deal with how to build muscle faster. Building your muscles up cannot be done overnight. It requires discipline and rigorous workouts. It is not enough to eat a good diet; it must be coupled with a rigorous exercise regimen under the supervision of fitness professionals. Gaining muscles should be done not in abrupt manner but be the result of constant physical workout. There are proven ways on how to gain muscles faster than we usually think. All that you have to do is to perform these steps, and the result will be amazing.

  1. Be prudent and consult a health and fitness professional. This is the first step that you should take when you are planning to bulk up.

    A fitness professional will formulate a workout regimen and a diet plan that is most suitable to you.

    There are even fitness instructors who utilize a scientific method in formulating your workout regimen and diet plan. They may take your blood and require you to take further tests just to determine the most appropriate and effective diet and workout plan for you.

  2. Develop your own fitness plan. The first step, as I have said, is the most prudent thing to do. However, hiring a health and fitness professional and submitting yourself to further tests can prove to be costly. Through research and with the help of some friends, you can create your own fitness and diet plan inexpensively.

    Eat more proteins and less fat. In your diet, put more emphasis on your protein intake. Protein is the one responsible for the proper development of your muscles. You may opt to reinforce your diet with protein supplements, such as protein drinks, powders, and bars. Also, lesser fat intake will help in developing your muscles quickly. Know that fats can easily accumulate and are very difficult to shed. The lower the fat intake, the easier it is to develop muscles fast.

  3. Eat a full breakfast. Breakfast is very important. Eating a balanced and full breakfast in accordance to your diet plan will give you the energy and strength to fuel your day. You cannot just eat anything you like. You must strictly avoid certain foods to attain good results.

    Eating breakfast will also enhance your metabolism, which, in effect, is good for detoxifying your body. Once your body’s metabolism is higher, energy is released faster and fat is burned more quickly.

  4. Lift weights. Lifting weights will develop your muscles because the muscles tissues in your body will get stressed. But don’t worry about the initial stress as it is a natural occurrence when your tissues are still undeveloped. Once the tissues get stressed, that signals the brain to enhance tissue formation, and this will kick start everything. All the dieting and daily workout routines will result in muscle tissue development.

    As a precaution, do not lift weights on a daily basis. Give your muscles time to recuperate for a day after a workout. Two to three days of rest is better.

  5. Do abdominal exercises, push and pull ups, and squats. These exercises must be incorporated into your weight lifting workout schedule to help you increase your endurance. Abdominal exercises will also help you shed excess fat.

  6. Perform more cardio exercises. Cardio exercises will further improve your endurance as you go along with your daily workout routine. It is best to perform cardio exercises when you are not lifting weights. You can also do light cardio exercises before you plunge into your full workout regimen for the day.

  7. Stay hydrated. Dehydration will make you perform inefficiently and can even cause muscle cramps. Increase your fluid intake as you perform your daily workouts. It is good to consume hydrating drinks or just fresh water to stay hydrated. The faster you replenish your body, the better your performance will be during your daily workouts.

For those wanting to learn how to build muscle faster, the tips above offer a good starting point. Always stick to your diet and workout plan and start building muscles now!  


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