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how to build parade floats

how to build parade floats

Parade floats are highlights for festivities like Mardi Gras. Their existence is already a tradition in most of the yearly events that are associated with them. Float owners are challenged to find ways how to surpass each previous year’s entry. This is very true especially when float making is organized as a contest. It used to cost a lot of money decorating a functional float. Float-specific materials have now been developed to aid in the process of how to build parade floats to make them easier and more affordable. Here are some possible strategies to utilize:

  1. Study the mechanics of the parade. Read the handouts for the contest in float making. Aside from the rules and regulations, check out the theme and the parade route. This will give you an idea for how to plan for the design and size of the vehicle appropriate for the occasion that will be easy to maneuver all throughout the route. Provide the driver the visibility needed to avoid accidents.

  2. Hire a carpenter or a construction contractor to determine the measurements of the frame or trailer that you have in mind as the base for the decorations.

    The design should support the concept that you would like to show to the public based on the theme. Install a wooden frame at the bottom of the trailer to serve as a skirt fastener. Exclude areas that can hinder navigation for skirting.

  3. Assemble the frame at the top surface based on the ornaments and functions it will contain.  Flattened frames are safe for any designs you might like to project. You can add structures made of chicken wire and wood to create some characterizations. This will create a unique ambience for your float. Make sure that all installations will remain stable even when the vehicle is moving.

  4. Make use of decorations that are made especially for the event. These products are also seasonal, but you can get some fringe and bunting used for weddings and other event decorations all throughout the year. You can also customize floral sheeting according to the structure of your skirting. It helps to estimate the amount of decorations based on the space measurements. This way you won’t waste any money for leftovers.

  5. Affix the decorations securely based on the planned layout. You can nail down heavy banners, staple paper buntings, glue and fasten other materials depending on what will make them stable. Wiring might be needed for some. Be resourceful in finding alternatives for expensive items. Fresh flowers are costly, but you can make tissue paper flowers that will look real at a distance.

  6. Add a backdrop as a background of your decoration. This could also be used for promotional or image-building campaigns. Display your group’s name or print a short message that you will like the public to remember. A test run should conclude your float-building preparation. Always resolve problems immediately once detected during the tryout. You won’t have much time to fix them during the parade itself when you get busy.

How to build parade floats professionally is feasible even with cheaper substitutes. The key is in the artistic planning and in being resourceful. Technicalities and artistry combined in one float will be very inspiring for the spectators. You will be very proud to pull this thing off with fewer expenses than your group used to fund in previous events. Even you yourself will be surprised that you can still make very attractive floats for less. You can also trust that by incorporating tailor-made decorations the work will not be as demanding as doing everything manually from scratch.


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