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how to burn a CD

how to burn a CD

By learning how to burn a CD, you can back up your computer files and keep them secure even when your computer meets a problem, such as a virus or spyware infections. Your audio, video and written data can be burned and stored on a back up disk in the event of an emergency. This is the beauty of CD burning. Various kinds of computer viruses can seriously threaten the operating system of your computer. Even if you are using the most reliable anti-virus system, a crafty virus can still penetrate your security. Do not rely solely on your anti-virus software; have a separate back up for your important files. If you wish to burn CDs, DVDs and data files but do not know how, the following steps can help.

  1. Check the CD burning capability of your computer. Ascertain first that your computer has the capability to burn files. Usually, you will find confirmation on your Central Processing Unit’s CD or DVD disk bay. On laptops, it is usually located on its side. Look for the markings reading “CD/DVD writer.” Most computers today have this capability.


  2. Make sure your computer is equipped with CD/DVD burner software. Always have this software on your computer. Today, this software is available on the Internet for free. However, to avoid dreaded viruses, it is best to buy original CD/DVD burner software. This may be costly, but at least it is reliable and virus-free.

  3. Determine what files to burn and select the appropriate CD or DVD. There are two types of CD or DVD formats, the CD/DVD-R and CD-R or DVD-R. The CD-R is best for music and data storage, while the CD-RW is best for data recording.

    On one hand, in regards to altering stored files, the files contained in the CD-R can no longer be changed. This is the disadvantage of CD-R. On the other hand, files stored in the CD-RW can still be altered and edited.

  4. Open your CD/DVD bay and insert your blank CD. First, insert your blank CD or DVD and click on your CD/DVD burner software. Follow all the instructions provided by just clicking on the appropriate keys.

  5. Choose what kind of files to save. The CD/DVD burner software will ask you to select what kind of files to burn -- audio, video or data files. Select the appropriate choice.

  6. Choose the files you want to save. The software will ask what files to save. Simply choose them from their folders.

  7. Click “burn.” Once the files are selected for burning, then it is time to click “burn.” Once clicked, the burning process or the transferring of files will begin.

  8. Wait for the burning process to end. As soon as the burning process has begun, wait until the software finishes the task. Do not disturb the process. It may take time, but you have to wait until the software announces that the process has successfully ended.

  9. Check your new back up files. After the software has finished the task, check your back up files to ensure the subject files were properly and completely burned.

  10. Safely keep your CD. For this purpose, you can use a spacious box that has soft interior lining. A jewelry box that has protective backings inside is also useful.

Another advantage of learning how to burn a CD is that you can compact your library of entertainment videos into one or two disks.  In short, the number of CDs and DVDs in your home can be placed into just one disk. In the event of an emergency, all you have to do is grab your back up files.


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