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how to burn a DVD using windows media player

how to burn a DVD using windows media player

Today, technology provides us with amazing advantages. Whether you are watching movies or listening to your favorite tunes, Windows Media Player gives you numerous options to satisfy your entertainment cravings. One of the best ways to preserve the quality of your music and other media files is to burn a DVD. Learning how to burn a DVD using Windows Media Player is an easy task. Now, let’s assume that you already have a list of movies in your hard drive that you need to burn to a DVD for your collection. Use the following steps to complete the process.

  1. Go to the media section on your computer. This is where all your downloaded music and media files go by default. It could be in your default download file, on your desktop or in your document files. Assuming you have previously accessed these files, locating them should be easy.

  2. Click the ‘burn a CD or DVD’ option in Windows Media Player. The program will then instruct you on how to proceed with the burning process.

    oose whether you want to burn a CD or DVD. Choose the “Audio CD” option if you intend to burn music that can be played in any CD player. If you intend to burn a movie or other media files, select the “Data CD or DVD” option.

  3. Drag the desired files from their folders and into the Windows Media Player window. If the size of the files exceeds the space available on the DVD, the program will prompt you to clear some space.

  4. Choose a file name for the files you have chosen to burn. The computer will ask you to create a file name for your media collection. A file name will make it easier for you to identify your files during replay. Create unique names so you will not become confused when looking for files.

  5. Start burning. Click the “Start Burn” option when you are ready to proceed to the final step. If you are only burning music, the process will take several minutes; however, if you are burning a movie, it usually requires an hour or more. A single movie usually reaches 900 or more megabytes, depending on the length of the movie. There are movies that will take you more than an hour to burn, so just be a little patient.

While waiting for the DVD to burn, you can surf the Internet for additional tips and information on the burning process. You may even stumble upon faster or more efficient tools for the job. Learning how to burn a DVD using Windows Media Player is a simple process, especially if you are already familiar with burning CDs. While burning movies and music to a DVD can minimize expenses and keep your files safe, ensure that you have the legal rights to download and burn the files you are using.


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