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How to Burn Belly Fat

How to Burn Belly Fat

Knowing how to burn belly fat comes second only to the determination to do it. But if you’re committed to losing belly fat and only need the information to get started, then read on. Belly fat, also known by many other names, such as muffin top, love handles, middle flab, abdominal or central obesity, etc., is accumulated fat around the stomach area. It is the most dangerous fat in the body as it makes a person susceptible to heart diseases and diabetes. There’s no simple or single solution to trimming off midsection bulge. But a steady, disciplined lifestyle can reduce belly fat and keep it off for good. The following are some steps to help you burn belly fat.

  1. Watch what you eat. It seems obvious: eating makes you fat, and fat accumulates more readily around the stomach area, so eating less will lessen belly fat. Right? Actually, it’s not that simple. Merely reducing your food intake won’t guarantee losing belly fat. The reason is that the body’s fat-retention mechanism is tricky. If you skip meals, skimp on sleep, and live a stressful lifestyle, your body’s survival instinct will kick in and try to protect itself by triggering the fat-storing mechanism.

    ad of starving yourself, eat more of the right foods instead. These are foods high in fiber, good fat (yes, omega 3 will actually help keep fat down), vitamin C, and minerals. Eat more protein, fruits, vegetables, unprocessed foods. Stay away from foods that don’t do your body any favors: sugar, junk food, saturated fat, and low-fat or low-cal or “lite” foods, which are actually filled with artificial sweeteners that cause your body to crave and store fat more.

    Minimize alcohol consumption. Alcohol contains lots of calories that you can’t feel building up inside because it doesn’t make you feel full. There’s a reason belly fat is often called a “beer belly;” because it’s common among men who often consume beer or other alcoholic beverages. If you want to get rid of belly fat, start by losing the drinking habit. Of course you will still need to work off the fat that’s already there.

  2. Work out your entire body. Crunches alone won’t help you lose belly fat. Spot-reduction is never an effective solution to losing fat anywhere in the body. Abdominal exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles but don’t burn fat. The most effective way to burn off fat is to work the entire body; fat reduction is a whole-body effort. Either you lost fat all over, or you don’t lose any at all.

    The best fat-burning exercises consist of a combination of cardio, abdominal, and interval workouts. Cardio exercises (walking, biking, jogging, etc.) increase your heart rate and heightens metabolism, which in turn enables the body to burn calories faster. This helps burn fat including those in the stomach area. After you do regular cardio exercises, you step it up by working your abdominal muscles and obliques (crunches, sit-ups, vertical leg crunch, etc.) to strengthen the stomach and waist areas. Then you ramp it up by adding interval training by alternating low- and high-intensity exercises to work up the body, then allow it to recover, thus amplifying the calorie-burning process.

  3. Make healthy lifestyle choices. To lose belly fat, you also need to ditch some lifestyle habits that encourage the buildup of fat. There may be more of these than you are aware of, and consciously changing these habits could go a long way towards helping you on your goal of losing belly fat.

    Some of these habits are as simple as getting enough sleep, lowering your stress levels, not eating in front of the TV, refraining from starving and then snack-binging, avoiding frequent nights out spent clubbing (and drinking alcohol), etc.

Following these tips is actually easy. It’s staying motivated that could get you stymied. But determination, along with watching what you eat, working out the entire body, and making healthy lifestyle choices are methods for how to burn belly fat.


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