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how to burn blu ray movies

how to burn blu ray movies

Watching movies in the comfort of your home is one of the luxuries modern technology affords. Enjoying films in top quality need not be an experience limited to commercial theaters. Video files can come in the highest quality to be played in your DVD player at home. The Blu-Ray format is the best known top quality format for movie home viewing. Top quality DVDs are available in Blu-Ray copies commercially, but you can actually burn your own copy in this format on your computer. The great thing about Blu-Ray is the crisp video and audio. It is a pretty hefty format, but most DVDs have enough space for it. Learning how to burn Blu Ray movies is a skill anyone familiar with a computer or laptop can easily learn.

  1. Prepare everything you need. Before you can burn a Blu-Ray copy, you have to have the movie file as well as necessary hardware and software. Prepare the content you will burn (either the original DVD or a soft copy of the content), make sure your computer or laptop has the hardware capacity to burn, and lastly, you have to have the software specific for burning in Blu-Ray format.

  2. Download the software of your choice. Several free software applications for this specific purpose are available on the Internet. Examples are Express Burn and ImgBurn. ImgBurn is recommended because it is very user-friendly and, best of all, free. But feel free to explore and compare to choose the program that best suits you. You can also choose to purchase a program.

  3. Install and run the software.

  4. Prepare the content to burn. If you are getting the content from a DVD, insert the disc in the CD drive of your computer or laptop. Then with ImgBurn, open the file tab and click on "browse for a file." Choose the CD drive as the location. Another way of doing this would be to just use the button “read” on the program interface.

  5. Burn the file. This is where we actually create the Blu-Ray copy. With the ImgBurn program, find the “Ez-Mode Picker,” and click the “write image file to disc” button, or you can click “write” from the "mode" menu. Finally, insert the disc that you will burn the content onto. Make sure that the disc has sufficient space. Then click on “browse for file” and then finally “write.” Afterwards, just wait for the process to be finished, and you are done!

Now that you know how to burn Blu Ray movies, you can just download high quality movies from the Internet or make your own Blu-Ray copy of original movies and watch them in the comfort of your couch, popcorn in hand. However, make sure you do not violate any copyright laws.


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