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How to Burn Face Fat

How to Burn Face Fat

Have you ever looked in the mirror or at a photo of yourself and thought that your face was a bit too round or bloated? If that's the case, you'll need these tips on how to burn face fat to make your visage appear slimmer and tighter.

  1. Reduce your sodium intake. This means avoiding salty food such as chips, processed or preserved meats, canned food, and salty condiments like soy sauce, among others. This is because salt causes the body to retain water, and having too much sodium in your body can make you look bloated and puffy. On top of that, it does not do your health any favors.

  2. Limit your calorie consumption. Based on your BMI and activity level, if you only need about 1,600 calories per day, see to it that you consume just enough, so you don't exceed your daily caloric requirement. Check the nutritional information on product labels or calorie charts that you can find online. Keep a food diary where you list what you've eaten each day, so you can keep track of your caloric intake.

  3. Drink at least eight glasses of water each day and opt for less greasy food and less sugary treats. For example, instead of reaching for ice cream, go for an apple or low-fat yogurt. Also, opt to eat about five small meals throughout the day, rather than two or three big ones. This helps to keep your metabolism going and prevent your body from going into energy-preservation mode.

  4. Exercise regularly to minimize or control weight gain. If your weight is beyond the range recommended for your age, height, and gender, consider consulting your doctor on creating a weight loss strategy and nutritional plan, as well as an exercise program you can engage in without risking your overall health. Doctors recommend 30 minutes of physical exertion every day. You can dance, bike, hike, brisk walk, skip rope, do yoga, run, or swim (or a combination of these) for about half an hour each day to help tone your body and make your face look slimmer and toned.

  5. Do some weight or strength training to increase your muscle mass, which helps your body burn more fat, even when you're at rest.

  6. Facial exercises may help you get rid of the double chin or those chubby cheeks. You can do these daily or every other day. You may apply a bit of moisturizer to your face before you begin so your skin feels more supple as you massage and exercise your face. Make sure you use a non-comedogenic product that suits your skin type.

  7. One facial exercise you can do is this: look up to the ceiling, feeling the stretch in your neck. Then, open and close your mouth slowly and repeatedly, as if you were chewing something. You should feel your jaw and neck muscles engaging as you do this.

  8. Another exercise, which is so easy you can do it at work in the privacy of your cubicle or office, is opening your eyes and mouth as widely as possible. Your mouth should be round and open, and you should feel a stretch in the lower part of your face. You should also feel your forehead constricting and your temples stretching. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then gradually relax your face. You can also add a variation to this routine by slowly moving your head to the left and to the right while holding the open mouth and eyes position.

Apply a firming and toning beauty cream at the end of the day to help firm up your face and make it look tighter. Let us know if these tips on how to burn face fat worked for you!


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