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how to buy a car at a dealership

how to buy a car at a dealership

There are many different places you can buy a car. You can purchase your car from a private party, a friend, family member, or from a dealership. Cars are necessary to get you from point A to point B and vice versa; therefore, you should know how to buy a car at a dealership. Car dealerships are in the business to sell cars, used and new. There are indeed the middlemen between you the consumer and the car manufacturers. Their goal is to sell as many cars in as short amount of time as possible. But more importantly, their ultimate goal is to sell as cars with the highest profit margin as possible. Car dealerships also have car salespeople who make most of their money from commission. This can work to your advantage and also against you in some ways. You can benefit when the car salesperson wants to slash prices as much as the dealership allows in order to make a commission. On the other hand, you can be sold pretty much anything whether it is good for you or not as long as they make sales.

    1. Pre-identify what you need to buy.

      This refers to the specific kind, design, and model of vehicle. Think about the added features you are looking for such as a global positioning system (GPS) or any other feature that might interest you.

    2. Use the Internet to narrow your choices and price range. The Internet is a major venue for car shopping these days. Use it to find what you’re looking for, and then compare prices and possible deals on features.

      To facilitate matters, it is recommended that you use car quote and comparison sites. They deal with lots of car dealerships, and their goal is to help consumers find the best prices and deals on any car model.

    3. Visit different car dealerships in your area. After you’re done with search and gathering facts on the Internet, visit a few local dealerships to browse and compare their sticker prices before you settle on one. The higher the sticker price on a car, the harder it will be for the dealer to cut down the price to meet your target. So after browsing the local dealerships, go and bargain with the dealer with the least expensive sticker price tag

    4. Look for a reputable car dealership company. This is very important, especially if you’re buying a used car. Ask around if you don’t know which car dealership companies are reputable. You want to buy a used car from a dealership that is honest and ethical and who will fix your car should it start falling apart few days after you bought it.

    5. Make a great deal. Now that you’re done researching and are ready to buy, try to bargain and save yourself as much money as possible. Offer a bigger down payment if you can afford it. It will help you get a good interest rate, which could knock off few thousand dollars off of your total purchase price. Excellent credit is also a plus, so take advantage of your good credit if you have one.

At any rate, car dealerships are a good source of great vehicles, especially if what you are looking for is a brand new model. As long as you know how to buy a car at a dealership and also how to be a tough negotiator, you’ll be fine.    


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