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how to buy a used car from a private party

how to buy a used car from a private party

You need a car, and you want to buy one. It is often the case that buying a used car from the owner is relatively cheaper than buying a brand new model. In other words, if you want huge savings when investing in a car, then never buy from a car dealer, technically known as the middleman. What’s better is learning how to buy a used car from a private party and save money. Buying from a private party may be a lot cheaper, but it can be a little risky compared to buying directly from an auto dealer. Even if you are entirely certain that the person you are dealing with is the car owner himself, the acquisition process can be slightly different. Nonetheless, the following are the fundamentals to consider to make sure that your investment is protected from any form of sales fraud.

  1. Find the kind of used car you would like to buy. This does not involve much work because even your neighbors can give you information. Look around each day because most of the cars for sale are usually parked just beside the street. Also, look at your local billboards and paper.


    The Internet is another source of used cars because there are car owners who preferred online advertising. Although the advertising cost is a little higher, the fact remains that the Internet has wider market coverage than the local paper. Look at a car magazine for more information.

  2. Prepare your own pre-delivery inspection guideline. You may forget important details, so it’s good to make guidelines. When you spot a used car that fits your taste, the next step is to verify the details of the car. Once you’re sure that the car is still available, list the items you need to examine. Call your mechanic, an expert, or someone you can trust to help you with the examination.

  3. Set an inspection appointment during the day. After you complete your inspection guidelines, call the car owner and make an appointment during the daytime. There is a principle called caveat emptor, which literally means buyers beware. The purpose of this legal principle is to effectively warn buyers from the hidden defects of any commodity they intend to purchase. This is the very reason why you need to examine the car in day light. Take note that what you are about to purchase is a used vehicle, which means there may be defects and imperfections on any of its parts.

  4. Bring an independent auto mechanic upon inspection. This is not really mandatory but somehow it helps especially if you are not so well-versed in cars. The auto mechanic can help assess the car and determine its usability. Of course, you have to prepare to pay the mechanic.

  5. Negotiate for a better discount. This is the built-in advantage of buying from a private party because you can ask for price reduction. At any car dealership, rarely can you ask for a discount because the cost is more or less fixed already.

You see, purchasing a used car is not something that you should be afraid of. There are many tips to consider on how to buy a used car from a private party. As long as you are prepared to do the things you need to do, you can breathe deeply and be sure that you are on the right track. Be a wise buyer, inspect, negotiate, and save. Good luck!  


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