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how to buy a used car from a private seller

how to buy a used car from a private seller

There are many ways to buy used car. The easiest way is to buy through a dealer. However, this could cost you more money. So, if you want to buy at the lowest price possible, you can resort to buying from a private seller. Although used cars sold by private party are cheap, not all of these cars are in poor condition. There are those that perform quite as well as those sold by dealers. These are a few steps on how to buy a used car from a private seller:

  1. Do a research on where to buy used cars. With this, knowing what type of car you’re interested in is important. When you choose a car, consider the purpose of that car and how many people will be riding in that car. By doing this, researching will be much easier. When you have found the model you want, you should search its price online. This will help you determine if the price given by the private party is reasonable. The used car should be a lot cheaper than the original price. Get to know the features of the car, so that it will be easier to inspect the condition of the used car.


  2. When you’ve already found the used car you want to buy, you should then call the private party for more details and information. You should ask for the price of the car, or if you can avail a discount. Check the model, the condition, transmission, and other details about the car. You should also check the year the car was bought. Do not buy old cars since they are likely to be in poor condition. Buy the slightly used ones.

  3. Ask for the VIN number of the car. You should do this before you set up an appointment with the seller. As much as possible, do not agree if the seller wants to meet you at night. Since you don’t know the real motif of the seller, it’s always better to be alert and watchful. Meet him during the day, and make sure that you inform someone where you are. This is just for safety measures.

  4. Check the history of the car using the VIN number. You can check this through Carfax. Make sure that the car has a clean and great record. This is very crucial since there are private sellers that sell illegal cars. With Carfax, you will be ensured that the car is really owned by the seller.

  5. Do further research on the price of the car. Make sure that the used car you want to buy is priced right. Since private parties usually want immediate cash, you should prepare enough money in hand. Try to negotiate with the price. You can ask for discounts since buying used cars does not come in a form of loans. Hire an auto expert, and tell the seller that you want to recheck the overall condition of the car before buying. If the seller is reluctant, then something may be wrong with the car’s condition. When this happens, do not continue with the deal.

  6. When you have enough proof that the car is in great condition, you can then set an appointment for the payment. Make sure that the car has complete legal documents. You should be on time so that the seller won’t turn you down. With this, you can finally seal the deal with the seller. All you have to do is get the car and the needed documents and pay the exact amount to the private seller.

Being wise and knowing how to negotiate are two important characteristics one needs when learning how to buy a used car from a private seller. You should do a lot of research so that you can ensure that you won't get tricked by the price. Also, inspect the car thoroughly.


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