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how to buy nursing bras

how to buy nursing bras

Pregnancy brings on many changes to a woman’s body. One major physical change is the size of the breasts. Hormones in the body prepare a pregnant woman’s breasts for lactation. This causes tenderness in the breasts and an increase in size. When this occurs, knowing how to buy nursing bras may come in handy. Right after giving birth, the breasts will increase more in size, especially when breastfeeding begins. A properly fitted nursing bra is not only comfortable; it also prevents any risk of breast infection due to plugged ducts. In addition, a good nursing bra will provide support to your enlarged breasts. This will help prevent excessive sagging in the future. Here are some tips for buying nursing bras.

  1. It is usually recommended to start buying nursing bras at least a month after giving birth. Buying beforehand may result in a poor fitting bra because the breasts will continue to enlarge, especially during the weeks after nursing when more milk is being produced.

  2. Some recommend buying bras at least six weeks before your expected delivery, since your breasts start to grow more during this period.

    f you choose this method, only buy a few and choose a nursing bra that has stretchable cups. Be aware that you may still need to buy new bras later.

  3. Buy at least four to six pairs of bra. Don’t buy too many as these are only temporary bras. In many cases, your bra size will change again and you will have to buy new ones. For practical purposes, just buy enough for you to have a change when you have leaking problems and the others are in the laundry pile.

  4. Check your current bra size or have a professional bra fitter in a maternity store fit you. Buying the right size will ensure comfort and ultimate breast support. If you are buying online, always ask about their return policy so that you can change the size if it doesn’t fit.

  5. One important aspect to consider is the cup size. During lactation, the size of the breasts changes, which means the cup size also changes. There may also be changes in the band, especially in the nine months that you may have gained some weight.

  6. The perfect style for a nursing bra is made of extra soft elastic material with wide straps, wide sides and wide backs. Choose those that have a drop cup, which you can easily undo using only one hand. The other hand will most likely be holding the baby.

  7. Underwire nursing bra may cause clogged milk ducts and can be uncomfortable or painful. If for any reason you opt for an underwire nursing bra, make sure that it’s the perfect fit. You can always ask for assistance in the maternity shops. Do not wear it for a long time; use it only occasionally.

It is always important that you address the changes in your body during and after pregnancy. It has been a difficult nine months, and the comfort that properly fitted nursing bras provide is priceless. Also, you will need to feel good about yourself, especially at a time when insecurity is so common. Buy one or two stylish nursing bras to uplift your spirit. These tips on how to buy nursing bras will guide you in buying the perfect nursing bra. Enjoy motherhood!


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