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How to Calculate Calories Burned

How to Calculate Calories Burned

Figuring out how to calculate calories burned is essential in the weight management process. Your calorie intake is managed through diet, but how do you know how much you need, how much you burn, and how to adjust accordingly? That’s right: by calculating how many calories you burn. If you want to lose weight, maintain your present weight, or gain weight, you can calculate the calories you burn and from there, be able to adjust your exercise regimen and diet to achieve your goals. Here you will find instructions on how to do that based on your heart rate. Your heart rate plus a few other factors are all useful in helping you determine how many calories your body burns. When your heart rate is between 90 to 150 bpm (beats per minute), it is most closely connected with your calorie-burning rate. So you will need to keep your heart rate at this level to have as accurate a result as possible.

  1. Weigh yourself using a scale, and write the number down. Do this early in the morning.

  2. Exercise while wearing a heart rate monitor.

    This will enable you to keep track of your heart rate. Note the time when your heart rate starts to go beyond 90 bpm, and then go on exercising while keeping your heart rate between 90 to 150 bpm. If it starts to go over 150 bpm, slow down a bit; when it starts to taper, speed up your movements. Continue to do this until your heart rate starts to drop below 90 while you’re still active, then stop exercising. Note the duration between when your heart rate started going beyond 90 up to when it went back down.

  3. Following are the formulas you to use to calculate the calories you burn.

    If you’re male: multiply 0.2017 by your age, add 0.09036. Take the result, multiply by your weight in pounds, then add 0.6309. Use the result and multiply by your average heart rate. Deduct 55.0969 from the total. Now take that number and multiply by the elapsed time, divided by 4.184.

    If you’re female: take your age and multiply by 0.074, then deduct 0.05741. Multiply the result by your weight in pounds, add 0.4472. Multiply by your average heart rate, and then deduct 20.4022. Take the number, multiply by the time elapsed divided by 4.184.

It’s actually that easy to figure out. Calculating the calories you burn according to your heart rate will enable you to get a better and more accurate reading. But it’s only one of the possible ways to figure out your calorie expenditure. There are online sites where you can input your data and the numbers will be automatically generated for you. Once you find out how many calories your body actually burns, you should be able to use the information to calculate the amount of calories you need to take daily just enough to keep a healthy weight. As you keep track of the calorie count in your food, you will need to be vigilant daily. It is always a good practice to keep a food journal where you note down your entire food and beverage intake along with the corresponding calories. You should also regularly monitor calories you burn. After you’ve done this for several weeks, you will get a more solid basis for your body’s requirements. You then don’t have to keep doing it. You will get used to the habit and can tell, just by looking, if the food portions you are about to eat have enough calories or too many. You will be able to gauge just how much to eat and just how much to exercise so you can maintain your weight. You will know if you’ve taken in too much and if you need to work it out the next day. You’ll be better equipped to manage your weight, and thus, your health. It’s easy once you get the hang of how to calculate calories burned.


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