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How to Calculate Total Cholesterol

How to Calculate Total Cholesterol

I’m sure you have heard the word “cholesterol” already, and you know it’s not good. While your body still needs a substantial amount of cholesterol, an excessive amount of it can lead to very dangerous diseases. Being able to know where your body stands and how to calculate your total cholesterol can be a good way to start reducing the risk of possible illnesses. Cholesterol is mainly produced in the liver and can also be found in certain kinds of food. This is essential for vitamin D production, building cell walls, and especially for producing bile salts to help your body digest fats. However, with all the foods that contain high amounts of cholesterol, your body tends to store more of it than it should which can    cause some severe health risks. Your total cholesterol level should be measured at least once every 4 to 5 years if you are below 20 years old. Now, according to the American Heart Association (AHA), men who are 35 years old and older, and women who are 45 years old and older, should have this test more frequently. The test is called a lipid profile test.

ll be advised to fast for 9 to 11 hours before doing the test, and failure to do so can alter the results. After the test, the results will give you the following information, and these are also the things that you will need to calculate your total cholesterol:

  1. The LDL cholesterol is capable of building up on the walls of your arteries which can increase the risk of having heart problems. Now, the lower the number of your LDL, the lower the risk.  Less than a hundred is the ideal result and anything higher than 130 is borderline high.

  2. When it comes to your HDL cholesterol, it will be a different story. Since this is known as the good cholesterol, the higher the result, the better. So if you have 60 and above, this is the ideal result. {Author: This sentence does not make sense. However, if you have 40 for men and 50 for women, you are considered a high risk for heart problems.}

  3. Triglycerides are considered   where fat is contained in food and also the body fat. This means that the higher the result, the higher the risk of having coronary artery disease. The normal result will be 150 and below. Anything higher than that can result in a prescription for medication.

  4. Now, for calculating the total cholesterol, add the three types of cholesterol: HDL, LDL and the 20 per cent of triglycerides. In order to get the 20 per cent, you just multiply the triglyceride results with 0.20 and that’s it. Your total cholesterol level is the sum of all of these. According to the AHA, having a total cholesterol level of 200 mg/dl or below is the target to maintain.

If your total cholesterol level is higher than 200 mg/dl, you might want to set an appointment with your cardiologist. There are times that medications will be prescribed to help your body reduce your total cholesterol level. This may be a serious problem especially for those who are over 35 years old as this result may mean an increased risk of having heart problems. Never get tired of getting to know your body a little more. There is nothing wrong in having yourself checked every now and then. If you know how to calculate your total cholesterol, that could be one way of taking care of yourself. Remember that early detection can really make a big difference in the course of certain health conditions. You just have to assert yourself and love your body because it’s nobody’s responsibility but yours.


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