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How to Calm a Dog Down

How to Calm a Dog Down

Do you know that hyperactive dogs are actually bored? Therefore, how to calm a dog down requires giving your utmost attention. You may need a total modification on your dog’s daily routine when it becomes uncontrollable. The following guidelines will make you aware of how simple interactions can help in solving the dilemma:

  1. To ignore bad behavior is not the best remedy for dogs. Your dog will be more unruly when you react when it shows drastic actions. It aims to get your attention, and when it’s successful in doing so, it will make it a point to do it again and again. Try to control yourself and give it a cold treatment when it’s being naughty. You may have to be patient with it for a while so that you won’t be tempted to react.

  2. Assign a task to your dog to keep it busy. It’s important to give it focus when there are stimulating elements surrounding it that can trigger hyperactivity. If you let it carry a small bag in its mouth while having a walk in the park, it will not pay attention to the stray cats playing around it.

    are some treats though so that it will try its very best to do its job properly until the end of the walking session.

  3. Bring your dog when you jog first thing in the morning. This can drain your dog’s energy for the day. Nothing is better behaved than a very tired dog! It will also not feel neglected because your bonding moments took place before anything else.

  4. Be aware of your own stress level. Your dog can pick up your level of energy and throw it back at you by mimicking your own body language in a doggy way. A problematic love life, fighting with siblings and worrying too much about finances can trouble the poor dog. Learn how to calm yourself down first before you treat your dog. Treat yourself well by getting a massage or take some time to meditate.

  5. Tidy your place up and get a scent of lavender. You can avail of a bottle of lavender oil with decorative sticks as a dispenser. This is safer to use, especially when you are living with a dog. This can calm anyone in the house, including your dog.

How to calm a dog down requires your dedicated supervision. So, when you decide to have a dog as a pet – it is important to make a commitment to spend quality time with your dog. They are not only for display or for house guards. They are a part of your family that must be loved and nurtured. Make sure that you are mentally, physically, emotionally and even financially fit when making that decision to bring home a dog.


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